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Male Dominant, 54,  Alexandria, Virginia US

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Profile up date  Dec 2015

 No Men, Not interested Not in the least  Don't bother,

Not interested in anyone under 35

  I'm a leather fetishist. It is a strong interest. It is not an obsession 

  I am looking for an intelligent outgoing woman. I'd like to meet a woman who shares my  leather fetish.

  If you are a woman who's into dressing for pleasure I'd like to hear from you. 

 For example, if you like dressing in leather, rubber,  stockings and garters, corsets,

silky, satiny, lingerie I'd like to hear from you.  

  I'm looking for a woman who likes dressing in a variety of fetish wear for her own pleasure and that of her partner.

 Women of any race, color, creed or size are accepted.  

 If you're just looking for money we're not compatible.

If you are married we are not compatible.

If you abuse drugs or alcohol we are not compatible. Social drinkers are okay

Journal Entries:
1/9/2016 6:26:15 AM
Hey  CM, 

In the last two weeks every time I log on,  almost immediately I get someone viewing me. invariably they're 18 or 19 years old and several hundred miles away.  When I delete them from the  "Who's Viewing Me" column  they pop right back in.    I'm forced to go into their profiles to block them. Sometimes even that doesn't  work.   Very annoying.  

11/4/2013 7:24:25 PM

Define  "Humiliation"  for me.   Here's why I ask, I think some words/terms are too broad and need clarification.


 You might want to be humiliated and your idea of humiliation might be to have me call you nasty names while I flog you.


 Humiliation to me might mean having  you dress up like Bugs Bunny and drink from a dog dish on my kitchen floor.  (It's not)  but  Two concepts of humiliation far apart from each other.


Why do women get pissed off when i ask them to define  what humiliation means to them.


I remain confused 


11/4/2013 7:11:24 PM

Lemme see now, what about the phrase, "I'm a leather fetishist" is hard to understand?


Let me make it clearer, I'll use the smallest words I can. I like wearing leather.  I like women who wear leather. I'd like to meet and date a woman who likes wearing leather.


How can a woman look at my profile and then tell me she likes everything about my profile but the leather part?  I  remain confused. 

10/5/2012 5:56:33 AM


I'm puzzled.


If you look at my profile and I send you  a brief note expressing an interest in starting a conversation here on CM, why no reply?


This is not about D/S-BDSM.  It's about politeness.  Just a brief reply.  Something on the order of   "yes  let's talk",  "No thanks  we're not compatible"  " I'm thinking it over"


The majority of women whom I've sent notes to here on CM, don't acknowledge notes, or if we exchange one or two pleasant opening notes they just vanish.


I just don't get it.




8/15/2009 12:40:36 AM
On the passing of Jack McGeorge, well known leader in DC's Leather community, My condolences to Jack's family at this sad time. Some 15 years ago when I was brand new to BDSM and the the DC community Jack was one of the first people who made me feel welcome. He had a clear straight forward but light hearted way of teaching. He was tolerant and patient with new people and was confident enough in who he was to let newer folks take on some responsibilities when other leaders in the community weren't quite ready to do so. Jack welcomed me into his home a few times and I was honored to be invited and tried hard to mind my manners in an effort to repay that trust and friendship. I also knew Jack slightly, in the professional world. His knowledge in that area was extensive and he could present it clearly and concisely. So in some ways it's a double loss to the worlds of anti terrorism and BDSM. Jack I will miss you. Please know that you will always have my respect. Leather134

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