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Being submissive does not mean you are not intelligent.  Quite the contrary, being able t
Male Dominant, 60,  Baltimore, Maryland US

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Being submissive does not mean you are not intelligent.  Quite the contrary, being able to determine what your Master wants and needs requires the ability to perform deep analysis.  It requires an awareness of your own self and your own needs as well as His.  I am searching for someone whose mind is just as appealing as her body, whose primary goal in life is in sharing the pleasures that giving pleasure to her Master will in turn bring to her.


The ability to articulate your thoughts, feelings and desires when asked is a highly sought asset.  I will make the decisions, but I will not make them in a vacuum.  One of the many things I have learned on this wonderful journey of life is that the more pleasure you give, in whatever form it takes, the more that comes back to you.  Pleasure takes many forms and is subject to the eye of the beholder.  While tenderness is one form of pleasure, pain is yet another.  The line between pleasure and pain is incredibly thin at times.


I was born a natural Dominant.  I have felt its manifestation from my very first thoughts.  It is as natural and a normal part of me as my breathing is.  My Dominant nature can take many forms, usually determined by the relationship that develops naturally with my submissive.  For example, with the right baby girl (of any age), I become a strong Daddy Dom or with the right pain slut, I can create many forms of painful delight.  I will learn what you need, combine it with what I need, and develop a positive relationship that brings us pleasure in the form right for us.


Lets chat and discover each other.  Please feel free to write and ask or share anything.

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