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*NEWS*I will be working from Greensboro NC forthe next few weeks...*END NEWS*Hi all, I am a cu
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I will be working from Greensboro NC forthe next few weeks...

Hi all,
I am a curious fellow... I have been reading erotica based in this lifestyle for years and, though I realize this is a farcry from the real thing, am eager to give it a try.....

To date, beyond one or two meet ups that didn't really go anywhere, and a dash of play with friends, my interests have primarily remained online....Erotica sites, cyber, or even yiffing in odder moments.....

Now however, I seek something REAL.

I have many interests in this lifestyle... It might be simpler to just state my limits as they currently stand. Nothing illegal, Nothing permanent (physically, mentally is my own fault if it happens), and i'm not interested in toilet play. within these limits. I give she/he/they that take an interest free reign.

It should be made clear that right now I have no idea what parts of this are the right lifestyle for me...thus right now I'm looking to explore, to 'dive in head first' so to speak.....and see what happens.

I am a definate Xenophile, Star Trek Green women, the thing from Species, Goth ladies, and Elven nobles, all make for a fine cross-genre example...

On a similar note, costumes in general are a big turn on, whether it is something as simple as the classic maid get up to a full authentic Victorian ballgown or even a cosplay costume (actually appealing to my geek side is the fast track to my heart).


On that point, I should warn; I am something of a geek. My hobbies include; tabletop RPGs, LARPs, and even Boffer LARPs.

An odd fetish I've picked up over the years is mind control..... Controlling someone so entirely is a  bit of a power trip or the idea of someone slowly breaking me down, and rebuilding me as they wish are odd fetishs I'll admit, but..yeah....I've been reading stories from here ( for the past 14 years (yes, since before I was technically old enough to be perusing such a site) and it has left an undeniable mark on my interests........

I'm willing to chat with anyone though for anything long term someone at most a state away would have a far better chance. I often travel to North Carolina to visit family and so am most familiar/at ease traveling in Va and NC.

Right now I'm in college, working on an associates in science and so any plans to relocate or what-have-you would definately hinge around either finishing first or finding an appropriate transfer school...

Hope to hear from you all,


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