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i do so very much miss the collar.i have just moved here from alt. , after years of searching,
Female Submissive, 39,  Las Vegas, Nevada US

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A Poly Household

i do so very much miss the collar.

i have just moved here from alt. , after years of searching, lost my gold status and seem to have lost respect for and from the site, so here i am....

i understand that i am not Your equal on any level or in any circumstance. i would never act as though i were Your friend, girlfriend or significant other, i am a slave.

i can be a very diligent housekeeper and a vigilant and attentive personal valet. i can perform as a respectful and demure maid for Your good Friends.

i am 5'7", 120 pounds, blond hair, green eyes and have a firm posterior. i may not be a perfect match, but You would find no one that would work harder to please You.

i would drop to my knees and often provide effective, prolonged and pleasurable oral adoration to You at the snap of Your fingers.

i would spend quality moments licking Your ass as You fell asleep or sucking You're feet and toes as You watched TV.

On command, i would use my tongue to clean You after another has pleasured You. Or i can give a soothing massage.

i am bi-curious and my ass is still virgin. OK... all you now i can report i have done it all (6/2010), girls are much better and softer on the lips and anal was fun because she took all the time needed to penetrate my lil dark hole

i have been exposed to frequent OTK hand, brush and paddle spankings, collar and leash, cages, oral adoration, foot worship, humiliation and verbal abuse from mild to severe, ball gags, bondage, golden showers, plugs, restraints, maid service, pillory, pet training and more.

i do so very much miss the collar.
Thank You.

gosh, i so sorry to have to tell you this, you would think that you would know the simple etiquette

you don't own me, yet;
so don't order me to suck this and stick that in my @#^*&

if you have no picture: I'll assume you have something to hide and i don't want to know what it may be, so deleted you are

Originality counts, impress me to undress me; cut and past or send me the same note is not original thought. How can i count on a good experience if you do what you have always done before and she left you because of it..... deleted, too i'm afraid

Oh, and i like where i live, i have friends here, no snow or cold... so relocating for the one who makes my life better equals my ability to be naked all the time inside and outside year round....

and if all you want while your in town and away from the home ho-humm is a quickie..... call a prostitute for the real no string attached (NSA) girl friend experience (GFE), i can buy my own dinner and glass of Pinot Grigio

look again i'm hot and even an ugly girl can get laid So..ooooo

what do you have to offer me, it is a competition, i want to make you look good when out, look in the mirror will you make me look fantastic or will they ask themselves while shaking their heads, "must have a hell of a lot of money to have her?"

i am submissive and a slave to the one i love, not STQQPID, yes...sss with two oh,s. and i do not accept friends without an introduction, so do not even try




Journal Entries:
9/9/2017 10:46:20 PM

A few weeks ago, a male friend of mine had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I'd wanted to test drive this guy for awhile. My best (female) friend had also wanted him.

She and I had been in varying sexual situations before, but hadn't been really sexual with each other. Anyway, the three of us had been hanging out and went back to my place. I took my dog for a walk right away. When the dog and I came back, my friends were half naked and making out on my bed.

He apologized. I waved it off because I don't really care. She asked if I had condoms. I pointed to my nightstand where I had a couple sitting out and told them I'd be in the shower.

When I came out of the shower, I walked around in my towel for a few minutes, then put on a little nightie and laid down. He'd been playing with her pussy and slow fucking her and when I laid down, my girl said "Now I want you to eat Sarah's pussy."

He played and sucked my tits for a minute before obliging her command. Then she leaned over and worked my tits and kissed me deeply while he ate my cunt and finger fucked my tight twat.

I came and came and begged him to fuck me. He quickly put on a condom and started fucking me.
First missionary,
then doggy.

I think it was after my fifth orgasm that he decided I needed a break and switched over to fucking her. I twitched for awhile, then watched him fuck her. I know it's incredibly difficult to make her cum and it's never happened vaginally for her. She tells him she wants to sit on his face, so when they get in that position I start sucking his cock while he is eating her pussy.

He's moaning and losing focus and she's enjoying teetering on the edge of smothering him. This went on for maybe thirty minutes, then he sort of tapped out.

We rested for awhile, then I pulled out my magic wand (knowing it's the secret weapon to make my girl squirt) and started working her clit vigorously. He'd sporadically spread her pussy open, kiss her deeply, play with my tits, drive his fingers deep into either of us, and stroke his cock. She was getting close and I said something, so he put his face to her snatch. She started squirting before she knew she was and continued squirting after she thought it was over; he took it all over his face.

Then she and I high fived.

8/29/2017 5:23:29 AM

Every man should be familiar with and master the art of gas-lighting.  

It’s a great technique to use when you really want to break and train a cunt to only know how stupid, weak, powerless, inferior, and worthless she is and always will be.

Being defiled and degraded is the only life these pigs should know.

Finding a semi already broken piece of fuck meat is where the real fun happens.  

It’s like hitting the jackpot when you come across one of those receptacles.  It can be maximized even more by including your buddies who are aware of what you’re doing and let them in on the process.  

What man doesn’t get off on reminding and showing a whore what a worthless pathetic piece of fuck trash she is.

Happy gas-lighting,       

ugh found this online,.......................... this is terrifying & yet a total rush

8/27/2017 5:37:17 AM

Ha,Ha, HAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I had t share this one with you.....

Hello. My name is Will. I am looking for a serious and potentially exciting relationship with a potential sub. I understand you are looking for something real as well, so I wanted to see if we could talk and see where it goes from there. For starters, I am a sadist, so naturally, I will be putting you in either morally challenging, or physically hurtful situations. Let me know if this is of interest to you.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance, I am looking for a slave that have a high sex drive and enjoys being used daily. A bit about myself, I will make this sweet and direct. I am sadistic. I enjoy hurting women, and enjoy seeing them get hurt. I enjoy seeing their faces twist in pain, exhaustion, and pleasure. I want lock a girl up in a chaste belt, leaving only a tiny vibrator on low to tease her constantly, leaving pepper powder on her clit and locking it up and see as she cries from the pain and begs for release. But I am also sick. I want to change women, physically and mentally, to fit my needs. Piercings and tattoos and more. Ideally, I am looking for a slave whore. This involves being whored daily and serving me in private uses. Gangbangs every month. But of course, that is but a dream. If you enjoy what you read about me, and have not been creeped out yet, and would like to know more, lets talk. Just to give you a little example, under my use, you will be fucked everyday. You will live in a cage, no vision, no hearing, nor smell. You will take it into all three holes. Every month, I will give you to a gangbang and be required to pleasure every cock there at least twice.

thanks for the

11/21/2016 10:57:36 AM

Whilst appreciating the message from BirdofPrey I think the lad misses the point rather. Slave is extremely attractive, has experienced a great deal and now only seeks One who will complete her life's purpose and take her as His slave. She accepts her inate inferiority and WANTS to serve. Her age is immaterial.

11/17/2016 10:31:57 PM
11/22/2016  12:05 am

Hello. You may or may not appreciate this message, but I had to send it.
I had to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your profile.
Left me having to keep saying to myself...why couldn't she be 10-20 years younger.
If I can find even one woman in the age range that's right for me that has the heart
and mind that you portray yourself to have on your profile
I would be a very lucky man.
Thank you for the refreshing read.

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