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6.2.17.  i consider myself as well as this profile a work in progress, always evolving, but i
Female Submissive, 44,  New Orleans, Hawaii US

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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 58, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm)
Location: New York
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 Submissive Female

 New Orleans 


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Dominant Male

6.2.17.  i consider myself as well as this profile a work in progress, always evolving, but i let myself procrastinate for 6 months before actually settling down enough to write this. *Thanks for the encouragement Mr. Personality*

For me a lack of growth either as a person, or in a relationship where there is no growth is sort of a death sentence into stagnation.  Each relationship, even in the D/s M/s world is just that, a relationship, hopefully, and that's what i look for.  What is right for one couple isn't necessarily right for another, and its up to the couple to figure out what works for them. We are not interchangeable.   i need to be with that One that stimulates not only my body, but more importantly my mind and soul.


I am looking for a Dom, but equally importantly a Man, and yes i realize for a true Dom they are so closely intertwined that they are impossible to separate.  Its the same for me, i could no more divest myself of my submissiveness than i could change my eye color (green) *smile*


What i look for..someone intelligent, experienced, and please for the love of all holy, know whats going on in the world, have opinions, have convictions,   have the ability to laugh and enjoy life, be able to mix a health dose of vanilla into the lifestyle.  Be able to carry on a conversation, stimulate my brain, i assure you the rest will fall into place.


What i am...submissive through and through.  I do not have the ability to switch..i'm sorry, believe me i wish i could.  i'm truly a nice person, kind and gentle, i try to respond to every email i receive politely, even if its with a thank you but no thank you.  The rude emails baffle me, because it takes no time at all to be polite.  i like to believe i'm intelligent, and fairly well educated, professional and i care about whats going on in our world.  A bit of a flower child, spiritual, rather than religious. 


And now for the no's..If you are extremely conservative or extremely religious we probably won't be a good fit.  i'll respect your opinions, but they will remain just that Your opinions.

If you're under the age of 25, while i appreciate the compliment..i'm sorry but just no.  i have kids approaching that age.  If your opening email to me is "On your knees bitch" or "send me a pic" we have nothing in common.  I need to respect You, and that isn't the way to go about achieving that.


And apparently i need to add this as well.  I don't for both personal and professional reasons post my pictures here. Yes i have them, and am happy to send them when i'm ready, not because You demand one. 


I know this has gotten a bit long, so thanks for reading.  celtic

Journal Entries:
11/3/2017 1:39:12 PM
Do not seem to be able to respond to emails at the moment.  Keep getting a CS error message saying "CS cannot connect at this time"  Sorry all. :(

10/27/2017 9:12:10 AM
As is usually the way, when the pieces fall into place without any effort from me, decisions are usually relatively easy.  Or as a very wise person told me "if the islands want you here, they find a way to make it work"  *smile* So it seems in about 2 weeks, i'll have a new residence.

9/20/2017 8:19:34 AM
Trying to figure out how not to have to go back to reality. I love the islands

9/13/2017 2:24:25 PM
36 hours and i'll be on a beach, hopefully with a surfboard near by

8/24/2017 12:30:31 AM
Thanks all for the concern and emails..New Orleans is getting some rain but not huge amounts. Houston on the other hand, all thoughts and positive energy going out to every one there.

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