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11~17~17 If you're only going to send me a 1 or 2 word email or have basically nothing written
Female Submissive, 55,  Milford, Connecticut US

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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 99, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 200 lbs.
Location: Iown, Iowa
Last on 3/20/14 at 3:00 PM
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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 59, Height: 6ft 1in (185 cm), Weight: 225 lbs.
Location: Ohio
Last on 11/15/17 at 5:12 AM
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StraightMale Dominant
Age: 50, Height: 6ft 0in (183 cm), Weight: 180 lbs.
Location: Waterbury, Connecticut
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 Submissive Female



 5' 7"

 146 lbs





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Dominant Male

11~17~17 If you're only going to send me a 1 or 2 word email or have basically nothing written in your profile please pass me by. You won't capture my attention or interest by saying basically nothing.
11~9~17 Oh No, staying connected to this site problems again? This is absolutely ridiculous. :-(
11~10~17 No, I'm not interested in seeing photos of the vast amount of toys in youre collection. How could any woman desire to have implements that were used on other women used on her? Especially the deeply intimate ones. It's tacky and repulsive. It's certainly not something a gentleman would consider doing. You should show her that you care enough about her and that she is special and unique in your life to purchase new items for just her. Think about it, what man would want used pleasure items that have been used on different men, used on him? I think not. Okie~Dokie, enough said.
I'm just here to touch base with interesting people I've become acquainted with over the years.
Im not interested in talking to men that have the following in their online screen names: Master, Dom, Lord, Sir. A true and genuine Dominant Man doesn't feel it necessary to advertise to All, who He is and what He's all about. He's effortlessly Dominant in *All aspects of his life. He's highly Self~Confident and Self~Assured, with a smidge of Arrogance, noticeable by very few. Only the most in tunely perceptive submissive women will possess the ability to pick up and appreciate his traits.
He is *Always a leader in life. Men aspire to be Him, but always fall short. Hes the type of Man that *Commands attention upon entering a room. Heads turn. I will know mine will. Animal magnetism will seep from His pores. His presence will definitely not be lost on me. In my eyes, He clearly is *Deserving of my Deepest Respect, Complete Adoration and Undying Obedience.
I'm painfully aware that the Man i speak of may not be obtainable or even for that matter, actually exists. I can still dream, can't I?
If and when Im actively searching he will be an Alpha male in every sense of the word. ~**Attractive, my appearance is of my utmost importance to me and it should be to you as well.
"Nothing Beats a Sharp dressed Man." Mmm. His presence will leave me speechless.
I am not judging. I'm seeking a man over **5 foot 7. If I'm wearing stiletto heels, im not comfortable looking down on a man. I can't help it. It makes me feel like im the dominant one.
I'm a girly~girl at heart.
I'm not into casual relationships in the least bit. There can be no other way for me. It's what my heart yearns for to be fulfilled as a woman. *His woman.
A woman Needs to love♡. A man Needs to be *Needed.
I can only speak for myself...over the last several years of meeting a few "self proclaimed dominant men" for a coffee, Not One was truly dominant. Words are so easily typed in profiles and in e~mails. It doesn't mean they are necessarily true unfortunately.
I *honestly believe i born heart tells me so. im a 55 DWF .i don't take D/s is a life decision for me and a crucial one at that. i am an attractive...well spoken...loving women. The sexual side of D/s is merely the icing on the cake. Its my mind He *Must Conquer first and foremost..and He will do so...~*Masterfully. Wants: He will be...attractive and well educated. His Dominance is a quality that makes Him the unique individual that He is. It sets Him *Apart from other men. He's Strong enough to put me in my place & do what ever He deems necessary to keep me there. The mere sight of Him, will bring me to my knees. ~It's in the way He makes me *'s the only thing that's *Real. And No, its not about the toys or implements used. It delves much deeper than merely that. He will understand & appreciate the necessity of the physiological aspects of this type of extraordinary relationship.

Journal Entries:
9/6/2017 2:18:00 AM
There are so many married people here. I was one of them but fortunately found the strength to walk away because it wasn't working for me. For me, there is no reason or excuse good enough for me to stay in the union where my heart isn't fulfilled.

6/11/2017 11:23:24 AM
I realize I seek too much...need too much in a Man. I'm painfully aware of that...

6/7/2017 11:56:38 AM
I never know when I have mail. My little indicator light is broken.

5/23/2017 11:58:13 PM
For the people that state in their profile, "Permission is not granted to used anything from this profile or will face legal ramifications." Seriously?? Nobody wants to copy any of you're shit, it's boring anyway. What are you gonna do, go hire a Lawyer? You're making yourself look like a total Fool.

4/29/2017 7:37:40 PM
I'm still perplexed as to why self-proclaimed dominant men would be drawn too and seeking out females that switch? It clearly doesn't make any sense to me. Please know I am not passing judgement, that clearly isn't my intent or style. I never judge anyone for their needs and desires. I'm simply just a curious~kitten...

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