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Do you fantasize about being submissive but are fearful about being misunderstood, exploited a
Male Dominant, 65,  Nh/vt border, Vermont US

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 Dominant Male

 Nh/vt border 


 6' 2"

 175 lbs





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Do you fantasize about being submissive but are fearful about being misunderstood, exploited and/or abused? I'm not a sadist, and don't want to denigrate or hurt you. I don't want to exceed your limits nor do anything non-consensual. I want to dominate you in a kind, tender, sensitive and loving way. I want to comfortably restrain you you, tease you, make your heart throb, hear your laughter and ultimately give you explosive orgasms. I want to be your friend and confidante. I'm intelligent, experienced, kind, drama free, love to laugh, and am considered good looking. You could say I'm sapiosexual. I have the utmost respect for women. I have oodles of fun toys and things to make you squirm with delight.This will take place in a safe, sane, trusting and fun environment.Communication is of paramount importance to me, and I hope to you, too.I don't care about your age or body type but I do care about your mind. My preference is for more mature women, particularly curvy, larger women. However, younger women who are curious and motivated are very welcome.


Sexy dressers particularly of interest. Fetishists encouraged and supported.  I just adore sheer, tight, slippery nylon.Other than kink, I love the outdoors, cooking, poetry, good conversation over wine, wood heat and quiet country life. Domination is an interest, not a preoccupation. Every time we jump in bed doesn't mean I want to spank you. I love intimacy, romance and lust as much as bdsm. I recently have met a few doms and have been introduced to the joys of submission. It was so much fun and is something I would like to pursue with the right woman.


Time wasters and wannabe's will not be tolerated. Intelligent, articulate and self disclosing responses will be respected and responded to. One line emails or one line texts will be deleted. Photos of a non sexual nature appreciated and will be responded to in kind.If this is something you have fantasized about, but were afraid to take the plunge, jump in and have some fun. You will never regret it.

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