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I want to help you fulfill your fantasies... explore your darkest desires. I want you to want me to use you. Bondage, humiliation, forced orgasms. You name it. All limits respected but the more extreme the better.

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10/24/2012 1:59:55 PM


NIGHT DEMON 2008 - 2012 - 2012

What can I say? I couldn't stay away.

9/2/2012 10:38:06 AM

NIGHT DEMON 2008 - 2012

I'm not going to delete or deactivate my account because I get a stray compliment here and there from people who enjoy my journal entries.

Collarme has been an odd experience. I think that it is overall the best of the sites out there, but oddly enough I have only had one encounter come from using it. True, it was an amazing encounter with a beautiful young woman, but I had equal success with the more mainstream Craigslist (yes, I actually contacted a real person on Craigslist and not a bot) and POF.

I’m going to take some time off from the site. If anyone does want to contact me I’ll be notified at my regular email.

I wish everyone out there success in finding what they are looking for.

- Night Demon, September 6, 2012



4/23/2012 1:02:34 AM

2010: The Year We Make Contact

Let me finally finish up my exploits for 2010.

My last encounter of the year was with the youngest woman I have ever been with (twenty) and one of the most beautiful - - an evening of bondage and homemade brownies which she had baked. There was some ultra light torture, face slapping, binding her with leather straps and some knife play.

About the knife play.

I had predominantly used a smaller knife that I had used in other encounters. Threatening the young woman with it. Holding it to her throat. Tracing it down her body to between her breasts and slicing off the black satin bra. I then took her and cuffed her with her hands over her head, attached to a large O-ring on a strap attached to the bathroom door. A piece of red duct tape covered her mouth and a spreader bar was attached to her ankles, her legs spread wide. Topless, black panties, black stockings and black pumps.

Very nice.

I took out a new knife to threaten her with. It was a Harbor Freight special. From the Harbor Freight webpage:

Description: If you spend any time in the wilderness, you'll want this combined hunting knife and survival knife in one at your side. Skin game or build a shelter using the precision sharpened 8" stainless steel blade with a saw back. The survival kit stashed in the storage handle includes a built-in compass, sewing kit, safety pins, buttons, fishing line with hook and 6 matches with paper. Comes with a lanyard and knife sheath.

8" precision sharpened stainless steel blade

Survival kit stores in accessible handle

Includes lanyard and knife sheath

Blade length: 8"

Blade material: Stainless steel

Handle material:Aluminum

Overall length: 14"

Shipping Weight: 1.30 lb.

It's just a really big, stainless steel, threatening, Rambo knife to play with.

So I run the blade down her body and bring it to her hip. I slide the blade under the panty material and pull it towards me but it doesn't slice through the material. The material just stretched along with the blade. I apply more pressure and then the blade whizzes through the material and into the base of my thumb on my other hand. The blood starts pouring out. Luckily with the motel room set up I am right beside a sink. I clean the wound. It is deep and the blood just keeps pouring out. Of course, in the mean time this poor girl is just helpless, bound to a door with her panties half cut off.

It was quite comical in retrospect.

I finally just put a wad of toilet paper over the wound and covered it with duct tape (which I had plenty of) making an industrial strength bandage. I release the young woman from her bondage and laugh at the situation. She tells me that she first thought that the blood was hers. When she realized it wasn't, the kinky little girl said, "I wished you had put some on me."


When we first started communicating she found my Night Demon persona and contact info of demonnightdemon666 to be too Satanic sounding. I assured her I was no Satanist. It would have been hysterical if I had drawn a pentagram in blood on her chest while she was utterly helpless.

We finished up the evening with me getting to do some pretty nice shibari rope work. Unfortunately the batteries in my camera died. Oh. I failed to mention that she let me photograph her throughout the evening.


I was thinking the other day and actually the majority of the women I have been with have allowed me to photograph them and one even lets me post and share the pictures as long as they don't reveal her identifying tattoo. Even the one I didn't get to photograph (the best kinky/bondage sex of my life - - her with her arms bound behind her back, thick collar on, blind folded and ball gagged, the clover nipple clamps swaying as she road me to climax - - my first encounter of 2010 - - let me "friend" her on Facebook for a year, so I at least got her profile pics. I was eventually unfriended, probably due to her friends inquiring "Who's that creepy masked guy you're friends with?"

We finished off the evening with her homemade brownies and then she left.

She was the only playmate I ever had where I didn't learn her identity. I have always learned the names and addresses of all of the women I have ever played with and none of them have ever learned my identity. It was very strange, not knowing, although...

Full disclosure. When I first had her tied up on the bed - - tightly bound, ball gagged and blindfolded - - I did go through her purse looking for identification. Her purse was almost completely empty except for her car keys. I did contemplate leaving the motel room and finding her car to see if her ID was in it, but all I could picture was me locking myself out of the room and having to get a manager to open the door were he would see a scantily clad young woman, bound and helpless on a bed.

It did actually get me to thinking about checking ID's in that I had thought that the young woman was actually 21. I used to only search for women 21 and up on collarme. I'm not a drinker but if we wanted to meet in a bar the woman is going to need to be of legal age. I believe that she initially contacted me so I guess I didn't notice that on her profile that she was just twenty. I'll have to start having them show ID at the door.

So 2010 was amazing - - great bondage sex, a home invasion with multi-hour struggling, breath play and a bath tub drowning and a bondage and brownie photo shoot. The following year would be the polar opposite - - a year of blown opportunities and near misses.


6/24/2011 9:54:53 AM

The Home Invasion Blues

Sigh. No Home Invasion action for a looooong time. Since last November!

I did have a wonderful hotel encounter before Christmas with a beautiful young woman. I jokingly suggested making T-shirt that would have been called The Bondage, Booze and Brownies Tour (she made me brownies)! She also let me take pictures of her (for my own personal use). It was a truly, amazing, early, Christmas present.

I had actually become pretty disillusioned about this whole alternative lifestyle (though, really, it’s with all of reality) when I got in touch with a young woman who wanted an ultra realistic invasion / force fantasy - - left in a sobbing heap, all holes used.


I found her address and drove the 150 mile round trip for preliminary reconnaissance on her home. We couldn’t work out the details on the first date she was available. I then started to experience some car problems. My joke was I didn’t want to have to wait for a tow truck after I had brutally violated her. After a month of repairs and nearly three grand (God, I wish you could just buy a car with a credit card) I was ready to roll. Unfortunately the young lady had deleted her profiles on cm and FL, emails sent were undeliverable and I got no response from her on Yahoo IM.


I was actually so desperate for contact that I joined ALT for a month… or so I thought. Like magazine subscriptions they have your account set to automatically renew. UNLIKE magazine subscriptions, they don’t tell you this when you join. I caught it just in time. You have to go into your account and uncheck the renew box. Very shady practice.

It was essentially what I once said to a person on ALT’s instant messenger - - I don’t want to pay twenty bucks a month to be ignored. I can be ignored for free on other sites. Which I was for the most part (ignored that is). It was fun being able to check out the profiles and I might sign up again in a couple of months. I did make contact with the incredible milf_teaz_tiff, whose force/abduction fantasy “Cheer Practice Nightmare” is spectacular. She posts it on the “brutal online rape fantasies” group. She’s within driving distance and we’ve communicated via regular email so I’m delusional enough to think that one day we might have an encounter. 

12/29/2010 11:53:17 AM

A Mixed Bag

For my most recent home invasion encounter I drove all the way to Chicago to assist a woman in some Fear Play and Breath Play. On my part, I considered the liaison a complete failure, but we did have a lot of fun.

My “victim” had some very specific fetishes (in addition to the fear and breath play she liked biting, didn’t like being “dominated” and wasn’t interested in sex.

I thought that the encounter would be a short one, because, really, how much threatening and choking can you do? It turned out to be my longest (almost four hours) and most physically demanding encounter ever.

For the fear aspect I really wanted to freak her out - - playing on the trust we had established over an amazingly short period of time. It turns out I’m just not that good an actor.

This was going to be an early morning home invasion (when her significant other was at work) so I drove to Chicago the night before, got a hotel room and checked out the following morning and drove to her home.

The key to her home was under a glass ashtray as she had shown me - - I often ask my victims to send me photos of the interior layout of their homes - - this one posted a video for me online! I left my bag of toys in my van and entered “light” with just a pair of handcuffs, a roll of duct tape and my knife. I pulled my mask on and discovered that I didn’t need the key because the door had been left unlocked.

I entered her room and looked at the figure on the mattress on the floor. I wasn’t entirely sure if it was her. The figure was completely covered with blanks and there was only a small bit of skin exposed by the face. It could have been her boyfriend for all I knew. I then saw a tuft of the red hair I had seen in pictures she sent me. I watched her for quite awhile, almost ten minutes. I thought she might have heard me but she never let on if she did. My heart pounded in anticipation as I watched and I finally ripped the covers off her and announced, “Good morning!” She was clad in black biker shorts and a sports bra. She was wearing ear buds and indeed hadn’t heard me. I slapped a piece of duct tape over her mouth and put handcuffs on her. I wrapped her ankles and knees with duct tape and then reinforced the handcuffs with duct tape since she had picked the lock on the cuffs. She was weirdly playful and through massive jaw movement she was able to get the duct tape off her mouth. I put a large piece on which she also got off. I finally got all Clockwork Orange on her ass and wrapped the duct tape all the way around her head.

I left her in an awkward position, hanging over the side of the mattress and I went back to my van to get the rest of my “equipment”. When I returned a minute or two later… she was gone!

“Oh... She’s good,” I muttered.

I opened up the closet in her room. Not there. I went through the small house, checking all the closets. Nada. I went back to the kitchen to see if a door led to the basement - - just a pantry. I walked back to the living room and exclaimed,

“Well, I GUESS that was worth the drive.”

I went back to a room I had looked in which was an office. It was much deeper than I thought and full of boxes. She was standing as far back as she could get. She had hopped away and was just standing there. I hopped her back to her room.

She was an awesome struggler, but she was definitely there for fun. Smiling and taunting me. I put wrist and ankle cuffs on her and removed the handcuffs which she was complaining about through her gag. I locked all of the cuffs together so that she was in a hogtie but she proceed to twist and turn and get out of THEM. I unclipped them since they were useless on her and just held her down as she struggled beneath me.

I then pulled my knife and held it to her throat. This was awesome. She totally froze with fear and I could actually feel her heart racing.


I had her put on a black bra and panties I had brought (she had requested that I didn’t destroy her meager collection of clothing). I also took the time to carefully remove the duct tape from her hair. It was probably the only time (particularly with a home invasion) where the play date actually felt like an adult version of a child’s play time. We’d take time outs. Resume. We would alternate between her struggling with me and the knife play. What was great about the knife play was that every single time I produced the knife her body would tense up and her heart would race. A total turn on.

At one point she was biting my arm in attempt to get away. I totally sank my teeth into her shoulder. Between the small scratches from the knife play and my biting her, her upper torso was a mess (but all marks e were able to be hidden by a T-shirt (as specified).

I also want to commend my plaything for taking safety precautions. She actually contacted a woman I played with before (and apparently gave me a glowing recommendation) and she had also arranged for someone to call her during the play session. She even had various pre-arranged code phrases - - “I’m fine” - - meant call the police.

I had cut off the black bra I had provided during knife play and had her change into white panties and a white wife beater for our next bit of fun. Some drowning breath play. I had her go to the bathroom at knife point and draw a bath. I took off my shoes and socks and stripped down to my underwear. My mask had remained on all this time.

I had her get in the tub and I straddled her, standing above her. I bent down and pressed her down until her head was under the water. She would keep her eyes open under water so she could see me and it was great seeing the fear in them when she would start to struggle for air. We did this for a bit and then I pulled her up, took off my mask and started to make out with her. We showered together, dried off, got dressed and then played some MORE! More struggling, more knife play, more breath play with my leather-gloved hand covering her mouth and nose (there had been some early pillow suffocating as well). Her athletic body struggling against mine. Finding the precise way to choke her out right before she passes out. Fantastic!

I never dreamed that an encounter with so many limits - - no sex, no domination, has to have her underwear on at all times, major focus being just fear and breath play - - would be so much fun. And long! As I said, I thought, “How long can you scare and choke somebody?” It turns out for almost four hours! And what a work out. Her abs were hurting her from the struggle and my legs were shot from wrapping them around her legs and keeping them from thrashing and kicking.

When I left I could barely walk to my car. The six hour journey home took me over ten hours because I would need to stop every hour and ice up my legs (one of them wasn’t really working at all). By the time I got home I was able to hobble out of my van, and amazingly by the next day I was able to walk.

It was a great adventure but I wished I didn’t have to drive so far to play.

Turns out I would get my wish.

- Night Demon


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