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Profile Updated 28 April 2013   What/who am I?   I am an experienced kinky male
Male Dominant, 59,  Tucson, Arizona US

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Profile Updated 28 April 2013


What/who am I?


I am an experienced kinky male with a pansexual history.  I am a well educated, intelligent man who has spent many years cyclically exploring and withdrawing from the kink/BDSM scene and now, in my 50s, I have fully embraced who I am.  I have experience at being a submissive in the past but now, within the past decade,  have reached the stage where I am now comfortable a dominant using my former submissive background to connect with what a submissive/slave desires and to connect that with my own desires. FYI - I have trained a couple of slaves in the past 5 years. 


Because of my professional career, I will not post a picture of myself in this forum but will be happy to exchange photographs by email.


I am a sensual dominant but can be firm and strict and will resort to discipline when necessary in the form of spanking, floggers and even canes and crops. However, I prefer the power-play of a D/s relationship than the sado-masochism.  Bondage and restraint are important to me to have my slave/submissive helpless for me so she knows that she is mine.  I like to objectify my slave girl and make her realize that in her relationship with me, she is there to please me and to learn how to; her manner, her attitude, her dress, her behaviour and if she is not comfortable with it, then she will learn to be.  I will push her limits, take her out her box.  I will be her mentor, a father-figure, uncle or big-brother who will guide her where she wants to go but is afraid to begin and continue the journey.  Underneath it all, there is a mutual respect as there should be between Master & Slave.



What/who am I looking for?


A submissive girl/woman younger than me but old enough to know what she wants but is still probably unsure and shy as well as being a bit nervous about following through.  She is in her 20s or 30s, intelligent, articulate and educated.  She's probably in a technical field and is good at what she does but is missing a significant part of her life; that of exploring her submission and sexuality.  Around her work colleagues, she feels that she's "one of the guys" and she knows they don't see her as a girl.  Besides they are also young and into partying and not mature enough for her.  She wants an older, more-experienced man, not a boy, to "show her the ropes", to look up to, to be her mentor, her "daddy".  In many ways she feels unlike other women, she doesn't feel that she's attractive to the men/boys she knows.  She has a desire to be objectified and seen as a sex-object, to be feminine and to be treated as a girl. She wants a man to take her, to submit to, to belong to. She has fantasies about submission, about being objectified like the other girls are, of even being humiliated, to be pushed beyond her comfort zone. She is nervous about this, maybe unsure but feels that she needs to try it.  She wants to be safe and understood. 


So, does this interest you, does this deion relate to you in any way? If so, message me and tell me something about yourself.  I am interested in a Cyberslave only as a precursor to real-life.


I want to hear from you!

Journal Entries:
8/1/2014 2:39:48 PM
I've recently found a significantly younger submissive who is wiser than her years. I am currently exploring with her. We'll see how it goes.

5/8/2014 7:41:01 PM

Recently I've been chatting with a younger woman who is seeking a master and has conflicts between her domestic and fantasy lives.   She's not the only one I'm sure.  How do you try to get your spouse into your fantasies when they don't even have any?

9/17/2012 6:19:38 PM

So are there any serious play partners out here in the Tucson area.  I hope so but I have had no luck finding one as yet?

8/6/2012 9:39:13 AM

No back on the mainland in the Tucson Arizona looking for play partners, especially sub girls for Daddy-Dom play.

9/5/2010 12:19:25 AM
So are there any little girls here on the Big Island looking for a Dom Daddy?

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