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I'm looking for a new sub, slave or little. My recent 18 year old slave decided to become a pr
Male Dominant, 40,  Los Angeles, Arkansas US

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Bisexual Female Submissive
Age: 25, Height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)
Location: Los Angeles, CA, California
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A Poly Household

I'm looking for a new sub, slave or little. My recent 18 year old slave decided to become a pro switch, a decision I fully support but it leaves us to grow apart romantically as she explores her dominant side. Time to resume my search.


I know you're out there hoping that I'll notice you. I will find you sooner or later, but you might as well raise your hand. The sooner you do the sooner I can tie it behind your back, and get you on your knees where you belong. No reason to play coy here.


I'm open to anyone, but I generally prefer naturally submissive younger girls who've known right from the beginning they were different. How you look at the moment matters less since you'll end up looking the way I want. I also have a soft spot for girls with profoundly low self-esteem.


I love training young girls who are just starting out. I can break an older girl's bad habits and bad training, but it's not nearly as fun as a blank canvas. I'm willing to do casual play if the chemistry is right so feel free to ping me if that's what you're looking for. However, I'm keeping my eyes pealed for the toys I get to keep.


I'm the real deal so if that's what you're looking for let me hear you beg before it's too late.  Don't be shy, you'll be naked soon anyway.




I get a lot of questions, so let me post a few common Q&As here:


Q: Should I address you as Sir or Master or something?

A: No, not until we have that kind of relationship. Don't worry you'll know.


Q: What is your kink?

A: This has been different for every girl I've ever owned.  This is because my core kink is to get inside a girl's head bring out her depravity, this leads to me being turned on by completely different tings from girl to girl.


Q: Hot, but can't you be a little more specific?

A: Sure, I like the psychological. Obedience training, posture control, tpe, and humiliation for example. I often like corner time, spanking, urinal training, head shaving, and similar punishments. I'm also very experienced with bondage, age play, race play and similarly degrading activities. I don't like bad smells, so I don't like scat, or vomit. I don't like cutting or other types of extreme pain play that can leave scars or permanent blemishes (I like to keep my property in good working condition). But again it really depends on the girl in question. Some times it's about being a loving Daddy. Some times it's about teaching a stupid cum dumpster how to clean the toilet with her tongue for the 20th fucking time. What kind are you?


Q: Do you really have such a low opinion of women?

A: That's a complicated question. I'm a feminist, so in the literal sense, no I don't think less of women. However, I find that most kinky women who are submissive want to be taken forcefully, trained to be useful, then used with little or no regard. That generally calls for a pretty low opinion of them, at least until they learn how to be useful. In those cases I'm not acting when I say a girl is noting but a fuck hole.


Q: But you keep referring to women as girls.

A: Yes. Thanks for noticing.


Q: Do you fuck men?

A: No, at least not sexually.


Q: Have you ever tried submitting? You might like it.

A: Yes. I don't. When I was a teen I experimented with a lot of kinky things. I figured out what I liked and what I didn't. However I did get some value out of it. I got to see things from the other side and it was educational. It's useful experience to have as a Dom.


Q: Do you have a word or phrase that someone could use to prove they actually read your profile?

A: Why yes, yes I do. The phrase is, "the cake is a lie."


Q: Will you be my sugar daddy?

A: Yes, if you give me your cloths, your car keys, your social media and bank accounts, and let me lock you in my basement, then I will treat you like a princess.  When can you start?


Q: Please fuck me in the ass!!!

A: Go away child. 


Q: Do you have a tumbler account, and can I contact you there instead.

A: Yes, what's yours?


Q: Why should I let you fuck me?

A: Uh-oh, someone's in the wrong end of the pool, you've gotten yourself all turned around. Let's get you back to the kitty pool, you're in over your head.


Journal Entries:
7/31/2012 9:49:16 AM

Just saw this excellent post in lilmissdefiant's Journal

Take the mind first the body will follow forever.

Take the body first and the mind will run forever.



7/31/2012 7:51:11 AM

Ok, guys and girls here's the deal.  BDSM is real it's not a fucking game.  It's not all about sex.  It's a life style.  And it's often challenging for members of the community to accept themselves as they are and to find people they can trust.  So please for the love of fuck stop fucking around.  

Girls get flooded with literally hundreds of messages from worthless horny guys that know fuck all about BDSM.  If you are a guy reading this then odds are you are one of them.  As someone pointed out in their profile subs vastly outnumber dominants, probably by at least 10 to 1, and yet there seem to be more then 100 to 1 guys hitting on sub girls.  Guess what... you're not actually a Dom. Maybe you think this is where the kinky girls hang out, maybe you just want to get your violence on, who the fuck knows or cares.  What I do know is you're not taking it seriously and that pisses me off.  These are peoples lives you are fucking with.  You're like a strait guy in a lesbian bar.

Here's a tip guys: YOU WILL NOT GET LAID HERE. And in the absurdly unlikely event that you do get on a chat with a girl who wants you to talk dirty to her then you'd better believe he's a 300lb harry guy in Alabama who likes to be a little girl. (and good for him)

Girls are almost as bad.  You think that just because you have a couple thousand messages from losers that the rules don't apply to you?  Well they do.  Just because you have a cute picture up doesn't make you automatically interesting in the BDSM world.  Unlike your vanilla life where guys trip over themselves to talk to you, you need to make an effort. You do need to fill out your profile, and you do need to explain who you are and why you're here. You just want some quick cybersex, no problem see above, and the rest of the internet awaits you.  There is no shortage of horny guys online.  

But why are you really here?  Is it because you really are interested in BDSM and want to learn, and maybe find a deeper more trusting relationship then anything vanilla has to offer? How do you think you're going to do that if you aren't honest about who you are? I don't mean reveling your identity, be safe.  I'm talking about making an effort. Yes you will have to go through 10,000 messages to get to one legit one, and you're going to have to keep your ego in check despite the illusion of popularity.  Yes you have to fill out your profile.  Not for them, for you.  How else do you think your soulmate is going to find you?


5/16/2012 2:03:59 PM

Slave Sister

core was small, less then 5 feet.  That’s why I called her “core”, “slave core” to be formal.  she was Asian, Japanese and at the time of these events we had been together for about 8 months.  I had taken total ownership of her, by this point and she was responsible for pleasing me 24/7 in and out of the bedroom.  She appreciated my very demanding training and I appreciated her devoted effort.

At this point in our relationship she had progressed from being a human girl of 27 years, to a completely worthless piece of trash, sleeping in my bedroom closet (on the rare occasions she had time to sleep). It is an important step to get a slave to this point before she can be sculpted to something I might actually enjoy owning.  But at this point she was a worthless piece of trash, she knew it and I new it.

She was very busy throughout the day and night keeping my house clean, doing chores, functioning as a cum bucket and toilet as the need arose, fixing meals, etc. This all on top of her training which included working out, posture and positions, pain and discipline, book and internet study, bondage, writing (self exploration, and creative), and skills related to my work that I could use her for.

Although she was very green in the skills that please me most, she was at least earning her keep.  However, she was not my girlfriend, and as yet not valuable to me enough yet to warrant any sort of commitment on my part, other then the massive amount of time I was putting into her training, or course.  So I still went out with friends and dates from time to time and core would function as a valet in those instances.  

She was nude and shaved 100% of the time, and it was in this condition that she carefully dressed me for a first date with a vanilla girl that a friend of mine had set me up with.  I always enjoyed her subtle humiliation at this task. When she had finished she knelt in front of me as if to offer the use of her mouth, not a typical behavior after dressing me, and she did not open her mouth to offer. I understood this as a request for audience. So I ordered her to speak.

“Sir, my younger step sister is planning to come to the U.S. i beg permission to visit with her, and offer her a place to stay for 14 days. May i please offer her the guest bedroom, and wear cloths for two weeks starting on the 4th, Sir?”

“I will consider it.”

“Thank you Sir.”

I then left for dinner.  I considered the inconvenience of a two week stay by a vanilla relative who it turned out as 19.

I finally reluctantly gave permission, but only on the condition that core would have to admit to her relationship with me, and although she would be allowed to wear cloths she would still be expected to perform most duties as usual, and such cloths that she was allowed to wear must not limit access in any way.  Such as short skirts without panties. core agreed and we made arrangements to receive her step sister Aiko.

Once Aiko arrived I found it difficult not to make other concessions, such as core being allowed to eat at the table with us after making dinner, etc.  Nevertheless core was very happy, and this made me happy.

core had explained to Aiko about the nature of our M/s relationship, and Aiko acted like it was no big deal even going so far as to imply that she had been in those types of relationships herself and is was totally normal these days. She was not at all convincing. I often heard her talking to core about the kinds of things core had to do for me and other such gossip.

I finally decided that I couldn’t be put out in such a way in my own home, so I started treating core normally again. Soon core was no longer allowed to eat at the same table and it was just Aiko and I at meals.

One night after Aiko had gone to bed and I was up watching TV.  core in her position waiting for direction.  I had to take a piss, so I order her to kneel and receive it.  She did so thankfully and then begin providing me some oral pleasure.

She was getting quite good at knowing how to please me with her mouth so it was no time at all until I was grabbing her hair and fucking her throat hard while she messaged my balls and shaft. It had been a while since I had a satisfying release in a willing mouth, and before I knew it I had made a loud noise in my enthusiasm as I approached my orgasm.  As I continued fucking core’s throat I looked down the hall to see if Aiko’s door might opened to investigate.

I was surprised to find that Aiko was already standing in the hallway watching us mesmerized. This turned me on surprisingly, so I pulled out of core’s mouth and jacked all over her face and into her mouth as I had a massive cum.  I gave core permission to eat all the cum on her face, and come clean me off in the bedroom.  I thin abruptly walked to my room half naked passing the flushed Aiko in the hallway as if she wasn’t even there.

The next day we where back to normal, or at least to the degree Aiko had become accustomed to. At one point I passed Aiko in the hall while core was in the basement doing laundry and working out.  I quickly grabbed Aiko’s chin and forced her up against the wall. “You liked that didn’t you cunt?”  She looked away in shame and didn’t answer.  “You wished that was you on your knees servicing me don't you?”  She continued to look down and avoid eye contact, but there was ever so small a movement of her head as she shook her head and tried to deny it.  I laughed and her, “I'm not buying it.”  And left her there to consider her fate.

That night after I had just finished fucking core in the ass, and was still lying here on her sweaty body buried to the hilt up her back door enjoying the moment, I heard the smallest of sounds from core’s tear stained face. I couldn’t hear due to my disposition and her tiny voice but it sounded like she said “rape her, sir”

I said, “What?”

“Please Sir, rape her.”

“You want me to rape your little sister?”

“She’s only my sister by marriage, Sir.  I want you to rape her and take your pleasure from her and put her in her place, Sir.”

My dick twitched inside of her anus, and she knew she had intrigued me with such a lude suggestion.  I pulled out of her and and lay on my back.  “Clean,” I commanded, and core went to work cleaning my cock with her mouth as I considered what her proposal would me to all of us.

The next day I was clear on what I would do.  It was true that Aiko was very cute and young looking, and the prospect of fucking her aggressively was now more then a little appealing, but here is where I remind my readers that this is a true story (believe it our not), and I don’t just go around raping girls. Everything is consensual at least deep down.

First I took core down to the basement and locked her to the treadmill.  This was not uncommon, but core was clear on why this was happening. She settled in as if she was going to be there for a while, but then I upped the intensity to keep her on her toes. No reason to let the bitch slack and it kept her guessing a little. Surely I wouldn’t be away too long at this workout intensity.

I then went upstairs and started reading a magazine while I waited for Aiko to wakeup and come out to play. When she did finally come out I told her that core was busy with a workout I had given her and would she please fix me some eggs.  Aiko was happy to and after a few moments she was putting a plate down on the table.

“Breakfast is served,” she said it a bright voice, and looked at me with a kind of excited eagerness for approval.

“Breakfast is served, what?” I said to her without moving and giving her a stern look.

“Breakfast is served, sir.” She said coyly looking down and blushing a bit.

“Better” I said as I pet her head coming up to sit at the table. I ate while she cleaned up.

After finishing I came up behind Aiko, and put my dish in the sink she was washing in. Her hand was on the faucet and I put my had on hers and turned off the water. She tugged slightly at her hand to turn and escape my uncomfortable proximity, but I held her fast. She was so tinny just like core as I engulfed her with my body.

“Your sister wants me to rape you,” I whispered into Aiko’s ear. She let out a little gasp. “I guess you guys have some issues?” I added.

“But I can’t can I?” I said, and she subtly shook her head no. Aiko was wearing some nice tight jeans and I took this moment to grind her ass and crack pinning her hips against the sink. My cock was already stiff in my jeans.

“Whore....slut” I whispered into her hear.  “I can’t, not because you don’t want it, but because when you want it it isn’t called rape.”

I paused for a long time.

“Is it?” I demanded an answer with my tone and she obeyed.

“No.” She said it a very quite voice.

“Do you want me to fuck you right here, right now whore?” I asked her in a whisper.

“No. Please.”

“You don’t want to serve me like your sister does?”

No answer, but slight moaning as I grabbed her breast with my other and squeezed tightly while continuing to grind into her from behind.

I flipped her around so that we were now facing each other.  She could not look me in the eyes so I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.  “Look at me bitch.” I demanded and she looked into my eyes.  This is when I knew I had her.  Her eyes where those of a submissive waiting for the next command, and her cheeks where flushed from the name calling.

“I’ll make you a deal. I’m going to take my hand and shove it between your lags and feel your little slut pussy. If you’re dry down there then it means you don’t want me to fuck the shit out of you and I will take my hands off you and never touch you again. Ok?”

Breathing heavy, no response.

“If, however, I shove my fingers into your cunt and you are dripping wet then I’m going to pull them out let you suck them clean, then throw you down on this kitchen floor and fucking you like the horny little sex slave you are. Deal?”

“Please,” she whispered, (was that supposed to be “please no”, or “please do it”? Who can say).

I undid her top button and shoved my hand into her pants. I went under her panties and found a bald pussy.  Before I even made it past her clit I could feel the whole area was dripping wet. Her panties where soaked, and I easily pushed two fingers up her tight young cunt.  I pumped my fingers into her rudely for a few strokes until she made a sound, then I pulled them out and shoved them into her open mouth. I then pulled them out and slapped her hard across the face. “Don’t ever lie to me slave.” I said then threw her to the floor.

I was on top of her in an instant and quickly pulled off her jeans and underwear then my cock was inside her to the hilt in a single thrust. I then proceeded to pound her mercilessly from tip to base in long hard deep thrusts, that made Aiko grunt in an indecipherable mixture of pain and pleasure.

As I pounded hard at that pussy she started making noises that she was enjoying herself.  “Focus, whore, “ I told her, “milk my cock, this isn’t about you this is about pleasing cock. That’s you’re job you worthless cunt.  What’s your job?”

She didn’t immediately answer so I slapped her hard, and she reacted. “Pleasing cock,” she blurted.

“Well you suck at it.  Focus your whole body on pleasing my cock.  This isn’t about you, it’s about you satisfying me.  You want to satisfy me?”


I slap her hard again.

“Yes what, you stupid bitch?”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s better.  Now you’re getting it.  Where should I come?  You’re pussy or your mouth?”

She took a long time to respond as she seemed to be approaching an orgasm.  I grabbed her roughly by the chin and she squeaked in shock.  I continued to pound her hard without relenting.  “Mouth our cunt, slut?”

“Mouth,” she said then suddenly seem to remember and added “sir.”

“Not good enough bitch.  You want me to cum in your mouth?”

“Yes, sir”

“Then beg, or I’m going to cum anywhere I dam well please.”

“Please cum in my mouth sir.”

“Bitch you better convince me you want my cum in your mouth because I’m about to go.”

Then she broke, and the damn let loose.

“Please lord, I want to drink your cum, I’m your bitch, I’ll do anything please cum in my mouth and make me your whore.  I’m a cock sucker.  A worthless cunt.  I don’t deserve your cum. Let me taste you.  Oh please I will do anything to please you”

This was mixed in with some Japanese, and some screams of pleasure as she orgasmed, sending nice contractions through her tight pussy and taking me right where I needed, so I pulled out and started blowing tuns of cum right into her cute face and open mouth.

“Are you my whore now?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good.  Leave the cum where it is, and wate here.”

I got the rest of the way out of my jeans and went downstairs I unhooked core from the treadmill, and led her upstairs with my typical hand grip in the back of her hair pointing her head face down and guiding her where I wanted.

I took her to her sister on the floor.  “I just used this bitch like you wanted, and now you can clean it up.”

core began licking my cum from Aiko’s face.  “Don’t forget that worthless cunt,” I reminded her.  

“This little bitch wants to be owned too, it turns out.  I think I’ll call her hole,” I said.

“You two are no longer real life sisters, you are now slave sisters born to please me. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” core said immediately followed sluggishly after by hole, “yes sir.”

“Now, hole. Eat out core until she cums.”


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