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Here I am again on my own . . . . :)          I am a
Male Submissive, 59,  Baltimore, Maryland US

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StraightFemale Dominant
Age: 41, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm)
Location: Virginia
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 Submissive Male



 5' 11"

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Dominant Female

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Here I am again on my own . . . . :)       


I am a white, professional gentleman who seeks a confident, dominant or switch lady with whom I can have a relationship which is bdsm with a fulfilling vanilla side to it.  I am warm, imaginative, kind, loyal, creative, open-minded (but not so open that my brain falls out), sincere, compassionate, educated, capable, supportive, and have a wide variety of interests and facets to my personality.  I run deep, but know how to have fun, and can make myself at home with almost any group.  Friends tell me that I have a good sense of humor, but perhaps they are just being kind to one less fortunate than they!  :)


One of my strengths is that if you are seeking knowledge, I am quite bright, professional, and know at least something about just virtually anything.  In my firm, I am the "go to" person for anything complex and for guidance.


I am not time-bound in my music or other interests, and remain inquisitive and open to new experiences and things.  Never have been told that I am in any sense boring.  :)


Although I am able to switch, my true nature is oriented to being submissive, especially when it comes to the erotic and things related.  I can appear tough on the outside (have to be, in order to do my job), but have a timid, sensitive center just waiting for the right lady to bring it out and take control.  I am seeking a special lady to guide me and help me explore.  It is a bit scary, but I do crave it so . . . .


Are you out there? Hope to hear from you soon!


I am waiting to place myself in your most capable hands.


Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant,



P.S.--No photo is posted because of my profession.  Please understand.

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