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*********** IMMEDIATELY RELOCATABLE! ***********   *********** NO cyber-phone-cam 'pretend'
Male Dominant, 60,  Davenport, Iowa US

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 Dominant Male



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Submissive Male

*********** IMMEDIATELY RELOCATABLE! ***********


*********** NO cyber-phone-cam 'pretend' sex!! ... NONE!! ... {:o\ ... ***********


⇒ While I have a cam, it's just to take new pics of myself; I'm NOT here to 'put on a show'! ... {:o\ ... I'm ONLY interested in 'meating' sub cocksluts in person for 'real' fun! ... And, hopefully, in lieu of your LTR 'enslavement'! ... {:o)


⇒ I can only respond to 2 msgs per day so don't be surprised if I don't respond to your compliments. Instead, accept my appreciation here and now: "Thanks, boy! Glad you like." ... {:oD ... If you think we're a good match, then write to me:  ...  MasterDriller at HOT male dot cum ... {:o)


⇒ While I'm a mature DOM Top ISO a younger, submissive bottom boy, ....... I'm NOT a "Daddy", let alone a "Sugar Daddy"! ... I'm a gay DOMINANT 'Master' seeking a younger cockslut who's ready for 'more' than just a 'Daddy';  a cockslut who craves the use & abuse of a "Master"!  ...  {:o)  ...  A slave isn't a "slave" if he has the resources to up and end his enslavement 'at will'. Therefore, I require an 'entrapped' enslavement using voluntary 'Blackmail' and/or Financial Control so that 'I' decide if & when the enslavement is over.  (It also sets the stage for fulfilling my/our "rape" fantasies). ... {:oD


⇒ Except for the restraints pic, my pics are all of Me and are as recent as 2014. ... {:o) ... You can see more of Me at ...  dudesnude . com / members / 100545


I'm a thoroughbred August Leo located in the Iowa-Illinois Quad Cities on the 'Mrs. Skippi' River w/ a fetish 4 sexy pecs (& furry butts)! ... {:oD ... I'm seeking a Defined (Toned-to-Buff), HIV neg., Masculine but submissive, Tough & Masochistic & VERY Oral 21 - 50 y.o. cockslut (Caucasian w/ furry legs & ass a plus!) who craves being enslaved & controlled and used & abused by a well-HUNG, moderately rough & sadistic DOM Master Real Time and indefinitely Long Term (w/ his own employment). ... {:o)


In time, I'd like to take on '2' slaveboys; perhaps 1 with sexy pecs, & 1 with a furry butt! ... {:o) ... I'd enjoy playing them off of each other and making them 'compete' for my COCK!! ... {:oD


I happen to be currently IMMEDIATELY relocatable for a suitable slaveboy somewhere 'south' of I-80 and 'east' of Denver. ... {:o) ... and using & abusing 'his' finances to pay for it, of course! ... {:oD


Yes, I have a BIG nose, AND big feet, AND large hands (I can reach a 9th on a piano!). ... {:oD  ...  I'm 6'1, 160#, 40"c/32"w, lt brn/blu, stache or goatee or jawline beard, lean-firm-smth, 12.5 shoe, w/ a studCOCK that's 8.25" cut-thick! ... {:o)

... and I've been told that the scent of my sweat is a real turn-on!! ... {:oD

My COCK & I enjoy a Menu of Master-slave DOMINATION & submission, humiliation, discipline, financial abuse & control, verbal abuse, interrogations, some bondage & 'moderate' S&M (ie. roughing up, strap whipping, forced workouts, some CBT & WS, ...), sweatty pits, spit, kissing, 3-ways, rimming, oral-anal bareback, facials, boot-licking, blindfold, gags, collar-leash, ..... and other 'harmless' fantasies by request. ... {:o)


NOT that I don't enjoy "vanilla" romance & passion; ....... It's great for 'Dessert', but 'not' what I want for the "Main Course". ... {:oD ... There IS no such thing as "Love at first sight", only 'lust' at first sight. "Love" comes from endearment, and that comes from having 'built' a relationship of trust, lust, and great memories! ... {:o)


I'm NOT into scat, blood, needles, permanent marks, electro, snuff, body mods or castration, caging, animals, women-kids, feminization-TS-CD-etc., diapers, mummification or anything else that's TOO kinky-gross-painful-dangerous. I'm into 'rough abuse', not senseless 'torture'. I'm "kinky", but "sane"! ... {:o)

Altho' I may, at times, treat my slave like a 'dog', I'm 'not' looking for a 'pet'.  I'm seeking a servant-slave who labors to 'my' benefit day & night! ... {:oD


1. A pic of your 'physique' is " required ". ... DON'T show me a pic of your dick. ... I don't care if you even 'have' a dick! ... And I don't care about being "mooned" by a pic of your butt, either (unless it's 'furry'). ... {:oD ... To get MY cock's attention, show me a pic of your Toned-to-Buff 'physique'! ... {:o) ... I enjoy "forced workouts" and 'workout sex'. ... {:oD


2. ..... "Defined (Toned-to-Buff )" is REQUIRED since that (and firm 'n furry butts) is what turns me on! ... {:o) ... If you don't have a physique that you like to show off, then we're probably not a good match. ... I like a boy who can 'make me' want it! ... {:oD


3. Some 'Moderate' BDSM is REQUIRED, unless you're a "painpig" who likes to 'beg' for more!! ... {:oD


4. I'm interested in your 'COCK' fetish, not your ' foot ' fetish. ... {:o\


5. Yes, I'm 'honest' about my age! ... I'm ........ 'forty-eighteen' ... {:oD ... Unless you 'like' older men, and then I'm 58! ... {:oD ... seeking "21 - 50" ONLY. ... {:o)


6. You MUST be a financial 'asset', not a liability! I'm NOT a 'Daddy', much less a "Sugar Daddy". A "slave" labors to the (financial) benefit of his "Master", not the other way around, and I want a boy whom I can use & abuse in 'every' way! ... {:oD


7. Voluntary entrapped 'enslavement' is Real Time, Full Time, and Long Term, ... {:o) ... altho ........


8. Mere "hookups" are "Available upon Request" !! ... {:oD



MasterDriller@HOTMALE dot CUM
Byte me, boys! ... {:o)

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