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Please read my profile before messaging me........then say 'HI' and see what happens.  Cu
Female Dominant, 43,  Alexandria, Louisiana US

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A Poly Household

Please read my profile before messaging me........then say "HI" and see what happens.  Currently looking for a female submissive/slave to join a poly household.

I am the Dominant in my relationship. I am the one in control. Do not mistake my kindness for weakness or my desire to know you as a person as anything less than a desire to connect with you. I have been in the lifestyle now for about 10 years and brought my live in boyfriend into it. He is submissive to me but is a rigger and Dominant to others. We are poly and looking for a 3rd to join our household. Because I am bisexual I am looking for a female to complete our family. I am a bit picky and will not settle for just anyone. I am an open book so please, ask me anything.

To all the Subs, I respect you and your need to submit and the gift of submission that you give. Please do not start off submitting to me because I label myself a Dominant. We will talk and get to know each other first. When you feel you are comfortable with me, then we will enter an agreement. I have to earn your respect, as you have to earn my control/trust/power. This mutual interview process does not mean that I am not the one who will be in control. This means that in the beginning you have a choice to serve or not to serve. Once you decide to serve, then you turn control over to Me. But in the beginning, we are both summing each other up.

To everyone, I am hoping to make new friends and learn as much as I can so that I may become better. No one is perfect and we must all accept that we all have faults and room to grow. Also, if you do not have a facial pic on your profile, pic is required with a message so that I know who I am talking to. If you do not send a face pic, do not get offended if I do not respond.  I have allowed you to view me and I expect the same.  I do not want a naked pic or one showing the size of whatever you have, inspection will come later if things progress.

I have found many on this site who call themselves Doms or subs, but turns out they only want to play or to "get off".  It takes more to be truely Dom or sub. I am not here for play only.  If you are not serious and just looking for play please do not waste my time. If you are not willing to commit the time to building a friendship/relationship then you are wasting my time. If you say you are a sub and expect we will talk when you have time then you are wasting my time and do not contact me.

Journal Entries:
9/19/2017 8:01:21 AM
I hate a liar, a fake, someone who plays games, a coward.  If you say something then be prepared to back your words up because I will test you. If you are saying one thing and your actions are saying another then something is wrong and I have no patience for games. I do not trust easily and you must gain my trust.  It is easy to hide behind the computer playing games so you must be prepared to prove you are real and loyal. If you have something to say or there is an issue, don't ignore me or block me like a coward, discuss it like an adult, you are here to find something. You can't find that without communicating. I am looking for a long term relationship not a play thing. I am the Dominant and I am in charge. If you are a submissive/slave who is looking for a long term situation then let's talk and give it a change, no games. If you are not willing to invest some time in getting to know each other and just want a casual thing then move along. The truth always comes out. I am very observant and Only have so much patience.

9/7/2017 4:33:40 PM
Does anyone talk any more?

9/5/2017 6:42:58 PM
Finally something to look forward to!  Party next weekend. So ready for some play.  Getting together with like minded friends and showing off different techniques always makes for a fun evening. 

9/1/2017 1:09:18 PM
Why is it men seem to talk and open up more than women do?

8/23/2017 8:30:45 AM
So many men, so few women and it seems that men are more serious than women. But men, as of now I am not looking for a male sub/slave. if things change I will let you know. Thank you for the interest though. 

Ladies, answer me this, since it seems to be unclear to some on this site and where I should begin the conversation....what does it mean to be a sub or a slave?

I look thru so many profiles, some I look thru over and over again, thinking maybe there is something there that attracts me to it. But I'm starting to fear that I will never know that feeling of excitement when someone truly interesting comes along. It seems I will just continue to go thru the motions as I have been. Still looking and hoping for my perfect girl who loves humiliation, pain, floggers, spankings, cumming, and so much more. The one who will catch my attention and together we will make each other so much better. 

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