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I'm a very big girl with a even bigger heart and an insatiable urge to submit.28 years,5:4' ta
Female Slave, 28,  Miami, Florida US

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I'm a very big girl with a even bigger heart and an insatiable urge to submit.28 years,5:4" tall, 110 pounds,34DD-24-34,brown eyes with brown/black hair,STD/DD free.Now I have only have ears piercing (though I used to have piercings in my nipples, belly button and clit hood) and also one tiny tattoo on my lower back,a small sun over ocean waves. I've been submissive all my life but got actively involved in this lifestyle for almost 10 years.I love pain for pleasure. I'm serious. Please feel free to message me and ask questions.Poly is not out of the question. All messages will be replied too as long as they are polite.I'm someone who needs this life. It is a part of me. I crave it. It's who I am. I'm looking for a LTR not looking to serve everyone on this site, just ONE man.I enjoy pleasing the person I'm with in any way i can. I like cooking, sex, humiliation, force play, rough play, and intelligent conversation.I am a sexual slave, one that obeys, and enjoys being objectified and used often (inside a relationship only).I am neat,I've had very few sexual partners.(due to long long relationships) Non-smoking.I only drink wine if ever and energetic drinks, No drugs, (ever)I would like to serve a firm master,looking for a lot of sexual use and direction.I am here, because i seek a Dom man to build up a new relationship with. For me the most important aspect is, that i am able to also laugh with him. Humor, trust and laughing is are important factors in a relationship, no matter what kind of relationship. Without laughter and humor, a relationship will not last long.

I got warned that here are a lot people who are only looking for pics and webcam games. I got told i should never give out/share pics or such, when i don't want because some people just enjoy collecting pictures and sharing them over the internet. I also got told, that they often just start with little things like making photos of items and such. So, please when you have such in mind, i will not make any pics for you. Also i will not buy a webcam. I got told that the question of proof is just a way to get pics or cam shows (So if you need proof, I'll only take a picture with my username/handle written on a paper and send to you), no need asking for more. A real Master will not need that. I got told, when a relationship get over time strong, then all is possible anyway. But people who want that at the beginning have no serious interest.I love hot food, fast ride and rough sex. I like walking on the edge. I love being tied to a bed or a tree.The people I enjoy are well-read, intelligent, funny, tolerant, easy going. The ones who treat others right.If this were the means I used to attract dominant people, I'd say that the man I'm looking for has to be very intelligent, able to beat me in chess (without being patronizing about it!), aware of his environment, respectful, well-read, independent, and above all, has to adore me. It may seem a bit demanding, it probably is, but when I do find such a person, I'm willing to do anything for him, break any social conveniences, fulfill any desire he might have.


Seems i have to write more. A Master who asks me what i like to experience and what i want and so on, i say he is no Master. He is maybe a Dom, but a Master i seek doesn't ask me what i like or prefer. A Master knows what he does and wants. He doesn't need to ask me for that. I think the Master i seek should like to use the slave to humiliate, embarrass, degrade her. On a sexual and also public way. Even when this means that her reputation gets ruined. So its more the role of an object we talk about here. But i seek a Master who is not lazy and also creative. I am tired of this "complete naked" all time. Or the shoe-shopping tasks with short skirts and no panty, or the puppy games of crawling naked and eat from bowls...blablabla. I seek a Master who is willing to take risks with the slave. Someone i don't have to tell all things, who has own serious ideas. Someone with an out of the box thinking.The Dom man i seek, should be older than me. Why? I made the experience that people around my own age mostly are just looking for a cheap and easy fuck buddy and having no real idea or experience of what a D/S relationship is. As well older men are much more relaxed, because they don't have the stress to build up a career or to feeling forced to do a fast progression in case of their career. From my point of view, they simple have a natural feeling for the life and not being hotblooded like younger men.Before i forget,another important point is that a relationship is only a real relationship if both partners live together, so yes, i am more than willing to relocate.I was living in a 24/7 relationship before.OK, i reached the point where i have no idea what else i should write, but will update this text, once something comes up.

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