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    Single4 grown kids in Georgiabachelors in psychology and masters in business c
Male Dominant, 56,  St Louis Park, Minnesota US

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Bisexual Trans Slave
Age: 35, Height: 6ft 3in (191 cm), Weight: 198 lbs.
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Bisexual Male Switch
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Submissive Trans

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4 grown kids in Georgia
bachelors in psychology and masters in business communication
16 years lifestyle - 4 slaves and 2 subs - none with me now - dated 3 trans - only slave that ever took me to completion was a trans as the others were totally unskilled.

Currently I work a full time supervisor job in the security field.

Seeking one or more who desire to follow my guidelines for transitioning as I do not tolerate games


Limits - scat, piss, permanent harm, broken bones, animals, blood, underage, illegal acts.


Like (lifestyle)-- suspension, mind control, sensory deprivation, bondage, flogging, spanking, wax play, exploring, breast play, clamps, forced lactation, hose/stockings, butt plugs (help with hip sway), as much control as one is willing to give (preference absolute)


Like (vanilla) - walking, hiking, biking, watching syfy, watching movies of various kinds, watching football (more college), cuddling, leading and guiding those in my life as needed, the outdoors, camping, exploring and much more.


  I am looking for someone real who is seeking more than just chatting who is in proper shape or willing to get into shape as you will gain weight on hormones. i expect you to have researched all you desire and to have counted the physical and emotional cost your decision will cause. As I state later, it is my way or no way as I do not pay for your transition but offer a safe haven plus guidance for those who are sincere in their desires to become who they really are. 

I am looking for a true trans female for a DD/lg or as a Dad and mom to other subs or slaves who is on or at least willing to go on hormones, has had or willing to possibly get breast implants (nothing larger than a DD cup whether full or average) plus must be at least open to an orchi if no SRS is preferred (exceptions can be made on a case by case basis for any one of the above). You must be willing to live as a woman and become totally passable.


I want a long term live in relationship and I am willing to move to another state to have the right submissive provided I am not locked into a long term lease for an apartment or town home - not open to moving until April 2018 at best.


Not really interested in bringing someone in from outside the USA into my home unless you are the perfect fit and are willing to travel here and do the transition while living as a woman 100% of the time once you are here.


Since so many miss this in my journal -- 


Do not understand many here now as I believe that one should work for what they desire to have instead of having it given to them. I feel there is more appreciation that way when the goal is attained. I speak as a voice having lived both sides of that coin and I know which means more to me.

I am not a sugar daddy and will not pay for any or most of your surgery cost as I have no plans to work all the time for your dream. Be willing to work for your dream or we are wasting the others time in conversation.


Those of like mind will understand and those not of like mind will call me cheap - so be it. I respect your opinion so respect mine.

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4/16/2017 7:28:33 AM
Family Tree Clinic in St Paul MN offers a lot of help to transitioning women and men.

Videos for becoming a sissy h

4/16/2017 7:27:42 AM
So many trans women on here are wanting a sugar daddy to pay for their transition.  To me our definitions and expectations are quite different as I am talking to trans women now who have done a lot on their own and want to finish it them selves under the guidance of a Master or Dom. To me they live in the real world and understand the appreciation they received from accomplishing the transition to the point they have mostly on their own. I like intelligence and educated women whether trans or genetic who want to work for their transition plus have a way to support themselves if or when they are without. I guess that is a generational difference.

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