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I am very interested in shibari style rope bondage, and would love to push this interest furth
Male Submissive, 33,  02809, Rhode Island US

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I am very interested in shibari style rope bondage, and would love to push this interest further. I also love leather bondage, metal bondage, hoods, gags, etc(would be beyond excited to find someone with a strait jacket!!). I love bastinado, edging and tickling as well. 


I am experienced with bondage and ideally I would like to find someone more experienced than I am so I can push myself as a sub. 


I am open to speaking with everyone on here, if we are to meet, it would have to be in a public place first. I am straight by orientation, but I do not mind who ties me up at all. It is more about the sensations that I feel and enjoy while bound than anything else for me. 



About me.... 32 year old, fit, white male. Bearded, heavily tattooed(hence no upper body shots showing my arms, until we discuss limits), self employed in a professional field. 


Please excuse the crummy photos, I just shot them with my cellphone. Better ones coming soon...


Journal Entries:
8/18/2017 9:18:52 AM
I have never felt the need to post one of these before.... But for some reason, in the past few days, I have heard from at least a dozen people who live several hundred miles away, in a few cases, several thousand miles away, who expect me to relocate to them immediately. Most of whom could barely string together a cohesive sentence. And become combative after a very polite "no thanks". Im very thankful to be able to block them, and to have been blocked by them when I turned them down. I can guarantee the tone they took via email would never have happened in "real life". As a person who does not use Facebook, or any social media for that matter; a person who lives a very fulfilling life in the real world, it blows my mind how people act. 

Just because I am submissive sexually does not mean I will tolerate or take your shit.

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