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'UNDER CONSIDERATION' by MISTRESS LADY K., as of 9/15/17.  Today 9/20 marked the first ti
Male Slave, 56,  East Greenwich, Rhode Island US

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 Male Slave

 East Greenwich 

 Rhode Island

 6' 5"

 245 lbs





"UNDER CONSIDERATION" by MISTRESS LADY K., as of 9/15/17.  Today 9/20 marked the first time this uncollared gentleman was in the physical presence of the most beautiful and superior Goddess  on the planet. The meeting was a formal luncheon interview at a restaurant of Her choice. Mistress Lady K. always chooses everything that makes Her happy. Now "it" knows that a happy Mistress makes for a happy slave, and vica versa. Mistress is very observant, an intuitive guru, a stern decision maker. Her golden brown eyes are wolf like as Mistress interrogates, then adeptly listens with both, ears and eyes! She commands attention from everyone who is seduced by Her sparkling bright smile and straightforward demeanor, including this now "preliminary collared" slave slut. The very classy and elegant, yet no-nonsense austere Governess now owns the keys to slave's orgasms, the keys to making it a better man, and the keys to guiding and training it to Her high standards. What affected it most today was Her compassion for who i really am, a human first in the everyday world, and now Her slave in training in Her own world. She can be exremely strict one minute, wink an eye so it understands, then softly forgiving and permissive the next. My Mistress Lady K. is the epitomy of a true God-dess, one to be worshipped, praised, pampered, amused, pleased, obeyed, and most of all, made happy by its actions, not just by its words.

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9/18/2017 5:42:11 PM
I) Getting ready to be officially collared as a "slave trainee" ...

As per slave's profile introduction the power and control that the Mistress Lady K. quickly casts over a truly humble and lowly girl or boy, lady or man, is overwhelming. Mistress K is an addiction far stronger than any opiate drug, tobacco product, adult beverage or toxic inhalant. WARNING: She is very dangerous, especially if NOT obeyed with sincerity and total devotion. 

Now that this slave has passed Mistress K.'s grueling initial interview and has officially accepted the position of Her personal secretary and maid slut, there is no turning back. A temporary "slave trainee" 24/7 collar in the form of a locking bracelet, and a more severe restriction collar for formal training will be ordered by secretary slut as soon as Mistress gives it the exact model style of each. The place where this slave is presently at is so far away from anywhere it has ever been in all the years of bdsm and vanilla relationships. There are simply no words in the dictionary that describe what it is now feeling, getting ready to receive Mistress Lady K's very rarely earned slave trainee collar. This slave is very nervous, fearing making mistakes. Without mistakes though, a slave does not get disciplined, thus it does not learn. This slave slut expects making errors, thus receiving a fair amount of various punishments. Besides the locked chastity already encased around its lil pussy cock that is no longer mine, it can only imagine what might be in store in the coming days, weeks, months, and hopefully years. Slave is excited by the unknown, the anticipation of hearing Mistress' commanding voice telling it what to do, or not do. In a very short time slave has learned to free itself of having any worries, just listen and do as told.

The time for the sensation of a piece of leather or rubber being wrapped around slave's neck is near. The material part of a collar is meaningless unless both Mistress and slave are in complete union in body, mind, spirit and soul. It is so very eager to receive instructions on when and where the collaring ceremony will happen, but will also be patient, as always. When it does happen it will be the happiest day ever for slave, and hopefully for my beautiful and superior Mistress Lady K!

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