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I find myself becoming more and more self destructive the older I get.  And I'm not eve
Female Submissive, 24,  California US

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 Submissive Female


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Dominant Male

Online Romance

I find myself becoming more and more self destructive the older I get.  And I'm not even that old!  My desires are getting darker.  And I want to keep exploring them.  But I can't just give into this desired to be controlled against my will fully -- without limitations. 

This will eliminate interest from a lot of you and get accusations of not being sincere or "real" in my desires.  I hesitate to use any sense of real "common sense" here since most men can't think beyond their next orgasm, but please understand.  I don't have a death wish.  I can't just hand the keys to my life over to any stranger with a profile who contacts me.

Please understand that this is not going to result in our meeting.  I don't consider this to be pretend at all.  But it will be exclusively online.  There is a large real world component.  But -I repeat - our part stays online.

I'm speaking to the twisted types who want to make the most of an opportunity.  Not those who just want to complain because this may not be their perfect fantasy.

Beyond that - as you can see - I am articulate, but also very self conscious.  I think I'm smart(-ish) but have been told I was dumb by different men over the years.  It makes me terribly self-conscious about it.  These are all areas to be exploited, I'm sure.

My "slutty" nature that has led to me being unfaithful to the Dominant man I live with.  This plus my own messed up issues should make more than enough opportunity for the right person to turn my life upside down.

(Yes, I know it's misspelled.  This is how I needed it to be written for this site to accept it.)


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