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  I am an extremely submissive male with slave tendencies.   I would like to serv
Male Slave, 66,  Columbia, South Carolina US

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Bisexual Dominant Couple
Age: 25
Location: South Carolina
Last on 4/17/15 at 5:53 PM











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 Male Slave


 South Carolina

 5' 10"

 205 lbs






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I am an extremely submissive male with slave tendencies.


I would like to serve a dominant male or female, or a "switch" as they see fit. Will give total body worship. Will pamper my partner and still be open to their darker side … flogging, spanking, paddling, cbt, nipple clips, anal use ... use me as you desire.


If you wish, exhibit me to your friends. Have a few of your friends over for a party and allow me serve for you … serving food, refreshments, or in any other way that you would like. Let your friends see just how well you have trained me and how well I serve you. Let me service you also. Train me to be your pleasure slut ... someone that you call when you need sexual relief. I expect nothing in return other than the chance to serve you. If my service doesn't meet your expectations, punish me and make me get it right. In fact, punish me anyway. Don't miss this opportunity to have your very own slave to do with as you wish.


This is not about kinky sex for me. My relief is unimportant unless you deem it so a part of your training methods.  SEX IS NOT NECESSARY; your dominance over me is!!


I am looking for a Dom or Domme, or "switch" (male or female), or a couple (dom/domme, domme/sub, or dom/sub) that I can serve wholeheartedly and without reservation … someone who understands  a slave’s cravings to serve and please, and will use these cravings to obtain whatever response they want to see. 


If you are interested in what I can do for you, please don't hesitate to write. All I request is that our interactions be done safely and sanely.




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