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  * UPDATE *     My wife of 38 years recently passed away, i feel lost, &
Male Submissive, 56,  New Hampshire US

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* UPDATE *     My wife of 38 years recently passed away, i feel lost, &  lonely, with no direction or purpose now. Skype: nightwalker1004. Messenger: excaliber82857.


i am very very new to this lifestyle & need to be molded & Trained  It lives in NH, 56


I have had submissive feelings since early childhood. Though I cannot be 100% sure, I believe my submissive nature may have been formed by a combination of naturally submissive tendencies deepened through early childhood formative experiences of being publicly humiliated in front of the class by a number of strict female teachers. Though these public humiliations were traumatic while in progress, I began to feel excited by them when replaying them in my mind after the event. I suspect I eroticized my humiliation as a method of coping with it. In effect, turning a traumatic experience into an pleasurable one. Since then, humiliation by women has remained one of my main fetishes. My submissive feelings grew considerably in intensity and became of a much more sexual nature with the onset of puberty and therefore my sexual excitement for the whole of my adult life has been psychologically linked to the thought of women dominating me and humiliating me. A lack of success in forming romantic or sexual relations with women in my adult life, partly down to my own shyness and lack of self-confidence added more fuel to my excitement at the idea of being humiliated by women. 

 I have never had much success in forming romantic or sexual relationships with women and I put this down to a combination of lack of confidence in approaching women on a basis beyond that of friendship and being fairly plain in appearance and not the kind of guy most women tend to find attractive in the first place. Other than that, I have plenty of female friends and I am not socially shy nor lacking in self-esteem in general, though I do regard women as my natural superiors. I am, in effect, the typical beta male, someone a woman would often have as a friend but not consider as a potential sexual partner. In truth it would be more accurate to say I believe women to be the superior gender at a biological level and that the most appropriate role for men in life would therefore be to recognize this fact and live their lives in humble service to their female superiors. For me this is a genuinely held belief, not a fantasy or a fetish as such. I regard my belief to be based on truth. I do not believe that ALL women are superior to ALL men, but I do believe that MOST women are superior to MOST men and that the reason for this is purely biological and therefore not an inferiority to women men can overcome. 

However She will also be flexible enough to be realistic about what a submissive may achieve and in particular any limitations he may have in terms of privacy and how much time he has available.






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