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 Hey there!:)   I'm a switch (mostly sub) male from just outside of Philadelphia.
Male Switch, 28,  19018, Pennsylvania US

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Bisexual Female Slave
Age: 23, Height: 5ft 4in (163 cm)
Location: London, UK
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 Male Switch



 5' 7"

 134 lbs





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Dominant Female

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 Hey there!:)


I'm a switch (mostly sub) male from just outside of Philadelphia.


Y/you should be aware that I am on the Autistic Spectrum. I have Asperger's Syndrome. This makes it quite difficult for me to message people sometimes due to social anxiety. Please, please, please message me if Y/you think Y/you might be interested.

(Once I get to know someone, I'll be way less socially awkward. Though I do have "up" days and "down" days lol )


I've been enthralled and have participated in the lifestyle at varying degrees for quite sometime.


I'm still debating on uploading a photo due to privacy concerns, though if we begin speaking, I will of course send some.

(EDIT: I've uploaded a non-revealing photo so you could at least see my body type.)

I shall send you a face picture upon request. :) Just message me if you'd like to chat / find out more. i guarantee You, I'm an intriguing creature:)


The likes/interests I have posted should be rather up to date. It would appear that the site no longer features them on the side bar with personal statistics (age, height, weight, etc.) and "looking for".... you actually have to click "View Interests" on the full profile page, I believe.


It'd be a dream come true to find someone to really connect with on all of these levels. I don't know if this site is the best for that, but I'm not having much luck otherwise.




I won't sign up for any other site, so DON'T ASK.  And I won't send you any sort of money, so DO NOT ASK. (it's a shame I even have to include this in my profile -_-)

Journal Entries:
4/10/2017 3:08:10 PM
Jesus effing Christmas. This site's photo management system is preposterous. I thought I had cleared all of the photos I had uploaded on here when I had this profile set up with my ex. I've just discovered that every single photo was still up. Perhaps this is why I've been getting zero messages and responses. Talk about embarrassing.

4/7/2017 7:38:55 PM
Why is this so difficult?!

3/2/2017 12:36:55 PM
It really sucks being a guy on sites like these lol. Add an autistic spectrum disorder to the equation and it's like I'm Kip Drordy or something.

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