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Female Submissive, 46,  Central Arkansas, Arkansas US

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 Submissive Female

 Central Arkansas 


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Dominant Male

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9/2/2017 4:14:05 PM
Written 9/6/17. MESSAGE Just 1 name across the screen My heart leaps. The pounding of drums start to beat a slow steady pace My blood begins to boil sending an inferno fire within me Butterflies flap 1000 of flutters through uncharted territories within Goosebumps raise the little tiny theads of hair across my skin Toffee iris's shimmer in the lights of the room I hold my breath as I read his message, imagining His voice as I read his writing. Trembling waiting for His next reply.

8/11/2017 4:16:27 PM
Fake Dom's and sub frenzy I read on face book today all the red flags for a fake Dom..but yet there are no rules for a fake sub from what I could find. Everyone told me a fake Dom wants to collar you right away. But nobody says a fake sub wants to be collared.right away He Will ask you for a meeting to prove sex But could be same for a submissive as the girls are just as bad as the guys in making fake profiles, not wanting to talk via skype, kik text, either or could be married... He Is more concerned with his wants and needs then hers Everyone has wants and needs or we would not be here. We subs have posted what we were looking for in a Dom what we want what we need. He Doesn't respect your boundaries and pushes you to do things that are hard limits How do limits change then if not pushed or tried. Is that what safe words are for, trust and communication. Hard limits will remain hard limits and soft will remain soft unless they are pushed. You have to trust that the person has your best interest at heart. Want to be called Sir or Master upon first meeting Yet there are girls out there who want and need that and want to be called kitten or slave or slut upon first meeting He Doesn't want to be around you other then to have sex. There are girls who don't want a relationship and is only looking for kinky fuckery Will try to Dom you before the relationship even starts Girls want to submit before the relationship starts. So think long and hard. Why is it sub frenzy for girls and fake Dom's for guys. Why the double standards Yes there are guys out there who are just horny but why label them as fake. Some may be new to the life style and going through "Dom Frenzy" Why the double standards. We were all new at one point and time. I now hate the term fake Dom's Maybe uneducated is a better term. Or maybe there are fake Dom's as much as there are fake subs.

6/28/2017 5:15:13 AM

im not a maid, but i can clean.
im not a chef, but i can cook.
im not a musician, but i like music
im not a princess, but likes to be cared for. 
im not a dare devil, but love adventure. 
im not emotional, but i have feelings. 
im not a goddess, but love my curves.
im not a pain slut, but love to shed tears. 
im not selfish, but i dont share what is mine. 
im not perfect, but i am perfect for ONE!

im strong, im happy, im me, im free. 

5/19/2017 5:43:54 AM
Is there anybody real on these sites. I hear the same thing from men as I do from the ladies... bdsm is not all about sex, and it seems like most men are here either looking for a quick hook up or cyber. That's not me, that's not who I am... I am the girl I want my Mam to be prout of when we are out in public, holding hands, I know what I am to him at home in the bedroom. I want to be the one he takes home to meet his family. What I see though is a lot of boys and children on these sites, not just here but, POF, meetme, match .com. and the list goes on and on. How is a woman to look up to a Man and give Him respect when it's not earned. If He can't control is actions, and be respectable at first how can He Dominate or take control of another person's life. For those of you who are on here looking for a romp in the hay why list yourself as Dominant? You should list yourself as Primal as that is not what D/s is about. That's my rant. Looking for somebody real, real feelings and emotions, caring, considerate, but has His life together, knows what He wants and what Ds, really is. And not be afraid to take a chance on something that just might be great

1/5/2017 2:07:45 PM

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