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Updated 10/16/17. Still seeking a real Master/Dom. No disrespectful messages please.
Trans Slave, 37,  Spokane, Washington US

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Updated 10/16/17. Still seeking a real Master/Dom. No disrespectful messages please.

Trans woman (M2F). sub/slave. I do not have Skype -my smartphone is my only internet connection, it's a basic plan. Chat function not working with my phone. My time is valuable. I don't play games. Text, or live phone conversation is a good way to connect. You must show real interest, that means writing more than one or two sentences in a message. How could I possibly invest in something with little to no return. Writing is not difficult if real interest is involved. I shouldn't have to mention that, but I have to. It becomes obvious very quickly if a conversation is being one sided, that will be a big indicator of what is being presented. Gaps in communication over five days will be considered as lost interest towards me, and I will move on. It's my life, if I feel it will not be treated with value, I will not give it.

Starting a new life, looking for new prospects/possibilities. Will be starting HRT around October (2017). Non op, bisexual/pansexual. Looking for a Master/Dom to serve. Bondage, long term bondage. I feminize well. Versed with makeup. I'm adaptable, and enjoy being so.

I've been looking to submit for a nurturing Dom for a while. I know how to communicate/facilitate needs very well. I'm not into games, or drama. Not into put downs, or being overly critical. Must have positive outlook on life. I'm intuitive, and loyal. I must see a rational relationship blossom before I make major decisions concerning travel. I deserve an honest relationship, as I give my all.

38 yo. DDF. Have my own income, transportation. Have no ties/obligations. Average size cut. Long black hair, brown eyes. Five foot eight. I wrote in caucasian as my ethnicity, but am mostly native american. I have a strong connection to nature. I'm in a unique position to leave my past behind, and begin a new life. I only have the logistics to settle, depending on the situation.


(See journal entries for more of what makes me... Me.)

Journal Entries:
9/25/2017 5:24:48 PM
Collar space messages today... BigBlackDevil; "You are one nice piece of white shit."

9/21/2017 1:27:57 PM
I'm not impressed with this site. I've given it time, and the benefit of the doubt. I'll keep my profile viewable, perhaps someone who reads my profile, and is compatible will engage in communication, as I will continue my search in unison. I'm not going to complain about the rudeness, and lack of basic knowledge where power exchange is concerned. It's like real life in many ways. How so?... You get what you earn. Genuine interest is an equal parts reality. It begins with genuine respect pertaining to all parties involved. Realize this. You address first someone as a human being. Normal communication like adults. Not difficult for those who are here to find what they are looking for. The level of scamming on this site is above expected. Just remember this if you are interested in me... I won't give my life to someone who is not worthy of appreciating it.

6/5/2017 9:12:07 PM
I know there are genuine people out there. Mostly taken because of the fact that they are a shining light in the lifestyle. Mostly taken -shucks. :) Shining light? Why do I say that? Whenever I get message after message from abusers, players, cheaters, liars, and frauds -now and then I see those who truly value the lifestyle. They understand the nurturing relationship of everything involved from power exchange. It really does give me hope, to keep searching. Not for a unicorn, just the missing half of me. Imagine, giving your life to someone, total control, and devotion. Your LIFE. The least you would want in return initially is at least a few sentences in an introduction. What does it matter where you do so? I don't have Skype, I'm right here, right now. Speaking of now... Now is the frame of time I live my life. I don't stack all my cards on a future I have no control over. I'm here, right now, I'm real. The here and now is where it all matters. It shows who you are just as well as words can -when you are sharing. Doing that simple thing is very first step to a relationship. A genuine relationship. Trying shortcuts is not acceptable, not when the true value of what is there is truly appreciated.

5/26/2017 7:05:39 PM
I wrote in a previous journal entry saying that I was not a masochist. I should explain that in better detail. I do have experience with the lifestyle. My first initial Master only had me for a few weeks. It was more of a probationary period in the sense that we were testing our compatibility respectively. He was a sadist. I learned a great deal from the time we shared. It didn't work in the end, but all the while there were no hard feelings at all. I learned that I have an extremely high pain threshold during flogging, and CBT. I learned that, overall I didn't enjoy pain, and I could not effectively make the power exchange flow. I learned that I didn't like being denied any kind of pleasure, even being bound. I felt too much like a piece of meat, and discovered that I needed nurturing, and security. From that experience, I discovered that I could not engage as a masochist in that way. I do expect to learn lessons. I expect to be disciplined so I may grow to be a better slave/sub. I expect to be denied pleasure in order to give pleasure, but... I want to feel like I am doing good by my Master/Dom with positive reinforcement. That way I feel whole. I had an experience with a CD Mistress. This individual lied to me about just about everything initially, and later wanted me to give entire control of my income. This person knew nothing about transgender issues, and refused to acknowledge them. I could not communicate effectively at all. Basically no real power exchange existed, only the hallmarks of a master manipulator, and scammer. From that experience, I learned a great deal about my own limits, needs, and safety. I also learned the traits of what a true Master/Dom excel at. I learned that TPE is a mutual gift between both/all involved in the relationship. What I need as a sub/slave is nurturing ownership. I want to be proud of being owned by my Master, it is my purpose. I want to be able to grow, and evolve.

5/26/2017 6:09:58 PM
Just a few more days. Well, it is on. :) I have a rough draft for my next road trip. It might stay rough for a couple reasons. One of them is based on a lesson I learned long ago... Plans don't always go accordingly. The other reason is that I want my trip to be flexible enough to go freestyle whenever I want. That is all good and well, but the main reason for my trip is that I'm leaving the Inland Northwest for good. Damn that feels good, just writing it. This trip will last all through this year, ending in early December. Oh yea, its an epic one for sure. I'm going to be a gypsy. Basically, I have from now, until December to try and find a kink relationship. Of coarse, if a friendship is made that could blossom into something serious, I will invest my time, and resources into developing it. If I can't find a match, I will find my own way. A lot of people don't truly understand what is at stake for transgender individuals simply looking for a decent life. We put in incredible amounts of ambition, work, and sacrifice with not much true security for the things we try so hard to accomplish. It amuses me when someone thinks I can drop all my shit on the spot to do, or be something for them with no basic understanding of the entire situation at hand. My transition comes first. I will not put my transition in jeopardy for anything. My new life comes first. I couldn't be a worthy sub/slave if I had no future. I intend on providing to the house that accepts me. Foremost... I need to escape from where I grew up. It has no opportunity for me. I'm not going to give in like damn near all the people from my old hometown. Reserved with the fact that "oh, this is the way it is, I'll just sacrifice my dreams just to get by." -Uh, not going happen. I have goals, dreams, and desires. I know I can get there because I have done the work. Doing the work, well... It actually works! I've come a LONG way. Getting away from the doom, and gloom is an incredible motivation booster. Seeing new things every day, going new places. Meeting people who have the same ambition I do. Holy fudge nipples Batman! I just need to jazz up my ride a bit. Minor maintenance, a canopy, a set of tires. My rig has 200k left in her. Should be on the road mid June. Now that is the power of the Juice Weasel. (Early 90's In Living Color reference). ;)

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