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Attentive to detail, prompt, creative, SSC, sensually twisted are a few self deions.  Ste
Male Dominant, 47,  Stamford, Connecticut US

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Attentive to detail, prompt, creative, SSC, sensually twisted are a few self deions.  Stern, demanding, obtuse, intense, giving are a few I have heard.  Above all, like most deviant dom men, I seek a sheath for the angst that wells from droning through the "real world", the intensity of caring that accompanies the receipt of someone's everything.  Make no mistake, I revel in your squirms and muffled yelps as you crawl and ape for the implements commanded, yet truly enjoy hearing you ask for more.  Ropes, toys of all sizes and configurations, as well as medical, electro, and manual stimulators are in my repertoire as well as floggers, switches, taws, canes and paddles.  Although a good ol' hand spanking works well for correction and encouragement.

     Long stroker, with a penchant for enhancers like foods, gels, good conversation, extended bondage, aphrodisiacs, etc. seeks willing female (w)ho(r)les for mutual exploitation.  I want to hear and see you drool as you wish and plead for more.  Have owned, trained and shared more than a few partners, and again seek an active swimmer from the dark end of the pool.  Just as you maso sluts still yearn for Mr. Right, I know that ms. 'Really Is Bad, But Best When Slapped' is out there.  Reach out and tell me you know what you want and mean it.

     Chivalry isn't dead, she has a head ache and needs a good swift slap to wake up.  To all of the ~"I thought I would finally do it for myself," or the "I have always been this way, but unsure as to how to get what I know I want," Come home and be expanded.

     As crude as the above is, it needs to be recognized that a trainable, wanton cock slut is hard to find, and yet I still believe that the right one is out there.  You are well read, aware of your wants and needs, and not afraid to ask for and receive while giving all of yourself.  I look forward to your submission, training, and development into my perfect trophy.

     Remain a big fan of the written word so if you have a story to tell or relate to anything above please reach out.  Perhaps we can connect on other levels as the naked unicorn sought remains hard to find.   There is nothing better than looking into your empty eyes as the true nature of your guttural breath emerges, and your prolapsed sphincter gushes onto the floor.  My sadistic side will bind, tie, and tease the deep dark truth out of you when you are willing to be honest.  Looking forward to your request. US// New England preferred, but happy to relo a 24/7 candidate given due diligence. 




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