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  I am Master James. Your body type, hair color, and height do not matter to me. I am seeking
Male Dominant, 47,  Dierks, AR, Arkansas US

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Bisexual Female Switch
Age: 27, Height: 5ft 8in (173 cm), Weight: 280 lbs.
Location: Cabot, Arkansas
Last on 1/26/16 at 6:40 PM










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 Dominant Male

 Dierks, AR 


 5' 10"

 370 lbs





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Submissive Female

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A Poly Household


I am Master James. Your body type, hair color, and height do not matter to me. I am seeking female slaves to serve my house. I have a Wife and a child, and I am wishing to start my poly house.  My wife is a Domme and I am a Dom. I wish for my slaves to be: domestic, good with kids, eager to serve, obedient, smart, able to function in a country life, non jelous person, and kind hearted. I am not cruel, but I am a fair man who was raised to believe in punishment for wrong doing and not listening. The body is not what makes the slave, the mind and heart and soul are. If you are interested please contact me. . I am deeply drawn to the Gorean lifestyle and seek a female slave to serve as such. I do not get hung up on the looks height or size of a person. I would prefer a BBW as I am not a small man, but I am not that picky. I am seeking a slave for lifetime commitments. i are a mix or Gorean and BDSM. I have a child and hope for more.





Master James






Journal Entries:
3/14/2011 10:53:40 PM

i scream but my voice is still

i cry but my eyes are dry

i feel but no emotion is there

i love and the darkness rises

i see the sun and cold takes over

i go to sleep never to wake.

2/17/2011 5:42:01 PM

Today i have found that one.   Today begins a life of Love, long suffering and understanding.    She accepts me as master, though a collar is not on her yet.


1/27/2011 3:39:16 AM

one to find, one to search for. 

7/14/2010 3:01:43 AM
on monday the 11th, the wyoming courts decided to enforce the ruling from arkansas giving me temp custody of my son.   he has been home now since wed and hasnt skipped a beat.   children are truly resilant and can stand more than we give them credit for.

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