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Hi, thanks for the interest and the read. I'm a currently single, experienced (20+) Dom search
Male Dominant, 40,  St. Louis, Missouri US

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 Dominant Male

 St. Louis 


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Submissive Female

Hi, thanks for the interest and the read. I'm a currently single, experienced (20+) Dom searching far and wide for my sub/slave. I do NOT switch, as I am dominant to the core. I have a lot of kinks to share...and am a natural born teacher and don't mind training the less experienced, even the right beginner. I prefer, crave, need, and get along better, with much younger women....and love it when a girl knows she wants and needs an older man ;)  With me your life and service would be highly rewarding and fullfilling. I provide safety, control, direction, proper training, and a big, beautiful home to thrive in !

I'm looking for 2 things:

****Playmates who want to visit to be trained properly (Until I find "The One")....

****I'm looking for a Live in sub/slave, who wants a Master to serve and obey.......


As a skilled Master I am ready to give you the care, guidance, dominance, control, and punishments you are craving in your soul.


Just one of my fav. scenes I designed and love acting out:

 ......He was in professional teachers clothes; slacks, button up shirt and jacket. She in her plaid school-girl uniform.....she reported to his office with her homework, for disciplinary action. Teacher tudored her for a bit, pacing about and looking over her shoulder. He said he needed a drink, and handed one to her as well, saying  As long as you don t tell anyone, I ll treat you like a big girl when you re in here with me . She quickly downed it, and he mixed them both another. She recognized the Deftones music teacher put on, and liked it herself. When she had written, " I will not smoke pot in school," 50 times, she raised her tipsy head and said,  I m done    .But all color ran from her face when she felt her wrist tightly grabbed and squeezed, and his face came in close to hers with a menacing and exact,  You mean I m finished, SIR .  The blank stare only lasted a few seconds, and she answered meekly,  I m finished, Sir .

 Actually you are far from finished here  he said as he raised her from the chair, guided her to his desk still squeezing her wrist painfully, and with the other on her back, forced her prone onto his large desk. With one hand now on the side of her pretty face, he pushed the other into the cold wood.  Here are the rules, so you better listen hard. If you try to get up or move, we start over. If you ever say  No  to teacher, we start over .if you ever tell anyone what teacher does to you, you will be discredited and expelled  You will speak only when commanded to or asked a question you will end every answer to me with a Sir .do you understand?"
 Yes Sir !  she said panicky. Then she felt her skirt lifted all the way up onto her back, and before she could stop it, an embarrassed  Oh no : escaped her lips as she felt her panties yanked down to her knees, knowing her ass and pussy were now totally exposed to teacher over the desk. THWACK from a cane stung her ass and brought little tears and a silent scream .. That was for the NO  ..He layed the cane and riding crop near her face so she would be reminded there was worse waiting if she failed to learn quickly .and he chose instead a leather paddler with  SLUT  engraved into the leather, that left that very satisfying red word "SLUT" over and over if struck hard enough.
 She counted out her strikes as instructed and without errors after her first, with a "15 Sir",  16 Sir  after each. He told her with designed terror that she was to receive 200....but after 40 her legs were quivering, her face was wet with tears, and he offered her a way out of the rest of her punishment.  If you do whatever teacher tells you, without question, I can stop early .  Oh YES Sir, whatever you want Sir, please, I ll be a goodgirl I promise .  ..  Well, what if teacher wants to feel your little schoolgirl pussy, is that ok with you? . It really wasn t a question as his hand had already run her ass and crack and thighs and slipped between them and was rubbing what he found to be an already wet and warm lips and clit.  Yes Sir  she said.  And what if Teacher wanted to put things inside his little school girl, like this  , and she moaned  Oh, yes Sir  as she felt 2 large fingers enter her and search for her g-spot.  And if teacher wants to lick and fuck that little pussy, you won t tell anyone, right?  as his fingers began to fuck her fast . Yes Sir I mean I won t tell anyone Sir....oooohhhh .  Goodgirl  then teacher wants some wet pussy and ass in his mouth spread those legs and push your ass up in the air more  .and she gasps as she obeys and feels teachers tongue run her ass and crack and plunge inside her pussy, then flicking her lips and clit, and deep inside again. He grabs both her wrists and puts one of her hands on each of her ass cheeks, and helps her lift them up and apart.  Now keep them like this, understand? .  Yes Sir . Now be a good girl and cum on teachers tongue I want to taste that little schoolgirl cum of yours common, don t be stingy you little slut, give teacher some pussy!  ..and she can t help herself as teacher hungrily and greedily eats her pussy and ass.

She feels herself lifted off the desk, her skirt dropped to the floor, and brought to her knees at teachers feet.  I will now show you how to kneel properly. From now on, whenever you are called to teachers office, you will come in, lock the door, remove your skirt and panties and leave them on the coat rack, unbutton every button of your blouse but the last one, and come quickly over to the side of my desk and chair and kneel like this, your feet under you, head down, hands on the floor, silent, until teacher is ready for you. Do you understand?   Yes Sir", she says quietly. When I am ready for you, you will put out one wrist, then the other, to have your leather restraints put on you, like this .then put one foot flat on the ground in front of you, then the other, for your anklets. Good back to kneeling stare straight ahead at teachers crotch, while he puts on your collar and leash. Very good. You might escape the cane yet. Now, walk on all fours around the room right at teachers side while i hold your leash. This is good starter obedience training, and it will get you in tune with teachers movements.   Yes Sir like this? Lol .  No, don t slam and shuffle ..go slower and more quiet, and gracefully poised like a trained pet   .and he is pleased to see her adapt so correctly and quickly, becoming more cat like, raising and moving her ass more, and suddenly she doesn t feel it s so silly, and finds something, natural about it.

He walks her to an armless chair, stands her up, and takes her leash where it connects to her collar, sits down, and pulls her over his knees and adjusts her ass high by raising his toes. And the spankings start .  Oh, what did I do wrong Sir! Owe, stop, please stop, I ll do anything you want  she says as she really tries to get free..but he is too strong and his grip on her main keeps her from rearing.
 Yes, you WILL do whatever I say, and you can start by being a goodgirl to teachers cock, which you have made so hard . And he unzips, grabs her hand closest to him, and guides it to his shaft. Now squeeze and pump it, up and down. Harder..faster, all the way up and down now don t stop unless I tell you to, understand?  as the spankings continue  Oh, owe yes Sir .oh . .
When she thought she couldn t take much more, and her ass was red with finger marks, teacher stood her up. Grabbing the leash and her hair, he sets her on her knees, and quickly and completely undresses himself. He walks to her face, and rubs his cock all around it, holds the head against her lips and traces their wet outline with it. Then with only an,  Open , he forces his cock ever deeper in her mouth and throat, slapping her face occasionally when she tries to take a break without permission.  I will now teach you the proper way to suck teachers cock .sometimes slow and sexy, looking up at Master with those slutty eyes, sometimes fast and deep, gagging and slobering like a pornstar. Sometimes lick and nibble the head yes, that s it .. , and then he pulls her hair back and lands his shaved balls onto her mouth.  It s very important to worship your mans cock, show him you want his cum, that you appreciate all the pleasure his cock gives you, by taking an occasional break from sucking & licking, and sucking those balls. There ya go, good girl  now take teacher as far down your throat as you can, you understand?
 I am your MASTER now, and you will do everything I say, without question or hesitation, understand?   she looks up dutifully with his cock deep in her mouth .her eyes and her soul are riveted on his ..what he just said has completely thrilled her in a way she didn t know possible  . That s right, teacher is your MASTER now, and you are his little slave/babygirl, understand? I OWN that pussy now   . She nods her head up and down with his cock in her mouth, and he know she is saying  Yes Sir  out loud in her mind. A smile comes to both their faces.

After she has sucked him so hard it feels he must pop out of his skin, he stands her up, and leads her back to his desk. He sits her down on his lap facing him, reaches in her blouse and grabs and cups her breasts, and pinches her nipples hard while he fingers her kitty and kisses her lips deeply, and licks her neck teasingly. He removes her tops, leaving them both entirely naked now. He lays her down on the desk again without a word, this time on her back. She feels apprehensive of the unknown, but realizes she now trusts his obvious expertise and lead as he circles, and wraps her leash around the knobs of the drawers several times, pinning her head flat. A long black connecting tie comes out of nowhere, and is attached to one wrist cuff, run under the desk, and up the the other wrist cuff, and pulled taught, so that her arms are trapped at her sides. And he pounces on her helpless tits, licking, biting, sucking.  You re being such a good girl, Master has decided to reward you. New rule though, listening? From this time forth, you must ASK PERMISSION to cum, IF you can talk .understand? Forget and you get punished harshly .  Yes Sir . And teacher, who loves to eat pussy, lifts his slaves legs, holds them behind the knees and forces them wide and high,  You better get that tight pussy hot and wet for teacher , and licks and finger fucks her until she s cum 5 more times. With permission asked, of course.
 Finally he stands, grabbing her and pulling her towards him until the leash is taught and the collar tightens, as he slowly pushes his way inside her tight pussy. He half chokes her with a firm hand while he fucks her ever faster and harder, her helpless and gasping. Her thighs, tits, face, are smacked every once in awhile, but she no longer minds it feels natural..and every smack seems to travel right down to her clit.

Her relief from being so helpless and abused and let up gently, quickly flees when her arms are grabbed and retied behind her, a gag ball goes in her mouth, and she is led back to the chair whimpering in fear. Master sits, her standing between and trapped in his legs, one of his hands holding both her tied hands behind her, as he sucks her tits rock hard. Out from a hidden place like a spider come nipple clamps, and she closes her eyes and moans into the gag-ball as he clips them on her hard nipples. He grabs her hair, closes his legs, knees together, and guides her forward, her legs out around his, then down onto his waiting cock, which is now deep inside her again. He has her red ass in both hands, and bounces her fiercely on his cock. His elbows go under her knees and she screams muffled screams as he tilts the chair back and takes her even deeper. He eats her neck, face, mouth with passionate thrusts, and whispers every nasty thing that is going to happen to her while he plunges ever deeper in her tight schoolgirl pussy. Then he turns her around, making her stand & sit on his cock while he pulls her hair & spanks her ass.

She was almost exhausted from fear, stress, pain, and cuming, when he took her to his private side room with day bed, and she figured it must surely be over soon. But he fucked her another hour from behind, sideways, and with her ass high in the air, her head pushed down against the mattress. She lost count how many times she came, at first intent on keeping track. All the while he talked dirty to her, telling her what a slut she is; go ahead and scream, the school is empty by now besides us, no one can hear or help you now.......Then something she didn't have the experience to imagine was coming.

He said to her,   Schoolgirl, teacher is not fixed. And I can t very well cum in your pussy, now can I? Wouldn't go well for either one of us if you were walking around school all prego, now would it.......And you can see how hard it is for Master to cum, yes? It takes me an hour, sometimes 2 when I do cum, you ll think I m having a coronary lol  because I cum so damn hard .because of that, I don t like to cum in the air, like on your tits, and lose half the feeling. And I know you are not selfish and that you want to take care of Master, right?   Oh yes Sir .  Then new rule to add .you MUST take Daddy s load either down your throat, not missing a drop, or in your ass, always my choice, understand,?     Um yes Sir . She couldn t help notice the  Daddy  slip .but it excited her and she had longed to call him that, but was too afraid.  Not to worry, I will teach you slowly it s important to learn correctly by someone who knows what they re doing, so you grow to like it, perhaps even prefer it .and we will start your training right now.

And with that he had the silicon lube out, and first one finger was in her ass, then two, taking his time then a small butt plug left in while he fucked her pussy some more .then a medium one which he worked in and out  when he could see she was ready, he removed the plug and immediately replaced it slowly with his cock, telling her what to do, relax, rub your pretty clit, relax for Daddy  .goodgirl, Daddy s in   Yes Daddy, am I a good girl?  .yes baby, that s it, you re a very goodgirl and how many holes do you have for Daddy?  ..  3 Sir  .goodgirl .and he talks sweetly to her as he increases the depth and speed of thrusts in her ass.

Laying on their sides spooning, one hand lifting her leg towards the ceiling so they could both see her holes being fucked in the mirror in front of her, the other hand either around her throat or knotted in a fistful of hair, he fucked her ass more and more, spanking her clit as he did so.....  Oh Daddy can I cuuuum?   What! You cum with Daddy in your ass and he will know what a little anal slut you are and fuck you there all the time, you hear me!?  But it was both exactly what he wanted, and it was too late for her as she came the loudest, the hardest, the most different and intense orgasm she had ever had, squirting even.  Oh you dirty little slut you act like Master is raping you, but you love it don t you say it    Yes, I m Masters dirty slut, fuck me Daddy   .. Are you ready for Masters cum?  .  Oh YES Daddy!  .. Then you have to help me out .I want you to talk dirty babygirl .keep saying, over and over,  Oh, you re fucking my ass Daddy  . Oh you re fucking my tight schoolgirl ass so hard   Oh it s naughty Daddy    and it seemed like a dream that she, normally so shy was shouting these things out while he rammed her ass and spanked her clit, until she heard his moans growing, like a lion getting closer, and then a freight train explosion as she felt his cock throb and the deliciously naughty feeling of his cum shooting deep into her ass!

They layed there for quite awhile after, spooning, cuddling, him petting her and telling her what a good girl she was, and will be. She rubbed her Masters body down slowly as instructed with a cold, wet towel, like in the Roman days, and she was happy to have such a man.

Back in her dorm room, she got so wet thinking about him, that she had to lay in bed touching herself. His breath and words hot pressed to her ear her complete helplessness in bondage ..and what he said when she was getting dressed .That now she is his SLAVE that she will be called to his office DAILY, sometimes more than once! That she must practice in her room with toys he will provide to ready and strengthen all of her holes. That he will take her into the surrounding woods, strip her, and release her for pursuit and take down..tie her to a tree and fuck her under the clouds .that he has the master key to the dorms, and that she could wake at any hour of the night to find his hand over her mouth, blindfolded and gagged to not wake the neighboring girls while she is  raped   .That she is his owned property, and his alone  


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